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Academics Hub: What Are The 4 Basics of Critical Thinking? Its Importance in Writing

What Are The 4 Basics of Critical Thinking? Its Importance in Writing

Every day, you make judgments utilising critical thinking skills. It enables you to choose options or find solutions that are best for you and the circumstance you are in, from choosing what to dress in the morning to choosing how to travel to school. Everyone can adopt the skills to think critically. There are a few basics of critical thinking. Developing critical thinking skills can take time, but it’s never too late to begin. You can develop these skills by following the four basics of thinking that we have mentioned later in this blog.

Critical Thinking- An Overview!

Critical thinking helps us think, understand and express ourselves. To engage in critical thinking, you must use logic. It involves engaging in active learning and challenging concepts, claims, and conclusions. Thinking critically has become essential, especially in an academic setting. Students, in their academic careers, have many tasks and assignments; they must submit before the deadline. However, writing seems tough to students as it requires them to think critically to develop arguments and express viewpoints. Undoubtedly, Ideas are arranged into a stream of reasoning in an academic argument. Students have to convince the reader that their viewpoint is valid. Thinking critically relies heavily on comprehending and formulating well-organised, rational arguments. Thus, we can’t ignore the significance of thinking in academia.  

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Critical Thinking in Education

We not only use thinking skills in our day-to-day and personal life, but it is used widely in academia. College and university students get a lot of tasks and assignments in their academic career that they have to submit on the deadlines. Every task students get assigned by their professors requires strong thinking and analytical skills. Thus, we can’t ignore the importance of analysing and thinking critically in a student’s life. Assignment writing is the most common task that students get from their professors. A student with good writing skills must have a good critical thinking skills. Because how can a person write well without thinking logically? So, we can’t deny the importance of thinking in education. This blog is aimed to provide information about the basics of critical thinking and why it is important for academic writing.

Basics of Critical Thinking

Thinking is a natural process. It just happens; you don’t have to make it so. It is your responsibility as a college student to challenge and develop your thinking abilities. Critical thinking is among these abilities’ most crucial components. Because it applies to almost all jobs, circumstances, themes, vocations, surroundings, problems, and opportunities, critical thinking is crucial. It is not limited to a specific subject. Following are the basics of critical thinking that you need to focus on.

Ask Questions

To begin, critical thinkers enquire about whatever is in front of them. They think of the causes and effects. Then what, if this? If so, how is the result different? They are aware that every decision has an impact, and they consider every scenario before making a choice. Inquiring about things and asking questions can help you become a good thinker.

Seek Information

After you’ve thought of every question you can think of regarding a subject, make a note of them, and then look for material that will help you find the answers. Investigate! Make some inquiries. Although the Internet is a great resource for learning practically anything, it is not the only place to conduct research. Converse with people. Obtain facts and different viewpoints that you may use to support your decision. The greater the variety, the better it is.

Analyse Things with an Open Mind

You now have a ton of information, which you should carefully consider. Recognising the filters that our families instilled in us can be very challenging. We are the results of our upbringing, the treatment we received as children, the role models we’ve had throughout our lives, the opportunities we’ve taken or passed up, and the accumulation of all of our experiences. Use your mind to analyse things and see how everything is happening around you. This way, your ability to understand things will improve significantly.

Communicate Solutions

Instead of pointing the finger, whining, or gossiping, critical thinkers are more interested in finding answers. When you’ve used critical thinking to conclude, it’s time to share your findings and, if necessary, put your solution into action. Now is the time for diplomacy, empathy, and compassion. Not everyone involved has likely given the situation the same careful consideration you have. It’s your responsibility to recognise this and propose answers that are clear to all.

The Significance of Critical Thinking in Writing

It can be difficult to come up with original writing ideas and craft a story worth reading. Even when you have the ideas for a piece of writing in your head, writing still involves extensive research, organisation, and originality.

Many individuals are unaware, however, that all of these strategies for good writing skills depend on how well your thinking abilities have grown. You can learn everything there is to know about story structure, including the formatting, language, and grammatical standards that go along with it, but applying your knowledge to a piece of writing needs critical thinking. Effective critical thinking skills are the element that binds all writing processes together and establishes your writing style.

Those who can think critically have the best writing skills. Effective thinking skills lead to well-developed stories and writings, which is the importance of critical thinking. Developing your thinking is important if you want to produce a piece of writing. You can conduct the required research for a narrative and make a strong conclusion. However, if you don’t use thinking in your writing, your thoughts may come off as unclear or undeveloped. This is because, without thinking critically, you can’t successfully plan out your arguments or offer the story’s premises. Thus, to succeed in your academic career, you need to focus on developing good critical thinking skills, which will ultimately improve your writing skills.

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Few Final Thoughts

Critical thinking is essential for everyone. We have to think critically to analyse things and to see what is happening around us and how things need to be done. Especially for students, it has become a necessity as they have to write many assignments, essays, and dissertations as a part of their degree program. So, they need to utilise their thinking skills to do their work effectively. Throughout the blog, we have discussed the basics of critical thinking and the significance of thinking in students’ academic careers. We also discussed how it could be linked to writing skills. By the end of this blog, you will be able to understand how important it is for students to adopt this skill; ultimately, it improves your writing.

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