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    In a literature review writing, you have to analyze literary and research works of other writers. These may be books, articles, essays or any piece of writing related to your specific area of study. All that will help you in identifying the necessity for further research and analysis. If you are good at research and have sufficient time, you can do all that quite easily.

    Though it might not sound difficult to many researchers, for some students, it might be to some extent. Suppose you are also one of them, no need to worry at all. Writing services of Academics Hub are always there to help and assist you in literature review writing. Maintaining your secrecy and privacy is our topmost priority during that process.

    How to Proceed for a Good Literature Review?

    Before proceeding with your literature review, you must be aware of why a study is important in your academic journey. To start with, it shows how much interest you put in your research work. Furthermore, you also learn about the basics of good research work by analyzing the work of other writers. Of course, all that needs time and an extra level of concentration that is often lacked by a student. As a result, many students do not give proper attention to that part of their academic requirement. As a consequence, all that has an ill impact on their final grades. Obviously, a good student will not like to lose even a single mark during his or her academic course, that is why many get in touch with companies providing quality literature review help services or writing services. If you are still not clear why you shall get professional writing help to succeed fast, let us explain further.

    Looking For Literature Review Help?

    Though help about literature review writing is not must, it can make your task more comfortable than your imagination. Many students fear the privacy and secrecy of their projects; that is why they are picky about literature review help services. However, when it comes to Academics Hub, you do not need to worry about privacy. Our academic writing services have been in that business since long and have served numerous students for academic writing. All your data and work are always kept safe and secure. Even all your discussions with our researchers and writers are not disclosed to any outsider. Here are some features of our review help criteria.

    Features of our review services

    Our literature review help services consist of but are not limited to:

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    You may think that the process of hiring any of our writers will be a complex one, but let s tell you, it is not at all. We have made it simple and straightforward. You text us your requirement, and our support team member interacts with you in no time. After a brief discussion, we let you know how conveniently you can inexpensively hire us. As soon as you submit the payment, we start work on your task. All that is enough for the magic to happen. You sit back relaxed while our writing services do all the challenging work. All our emphasis is on delivery of your order as promptly as possible.

    That is all the story behind the delivery of a quality review by our team of dedicated researchers and writers. Once you get in touch with our literature review help services, you will know more good things about academic writing services.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The literature review is an overview of the major writing on a selected topic. It provides an overview of the current knowledge and fills the gaps in the existing research. If you want to write a compelling literature review, you have to find the data from relevant publications such as scholarly publications, journals, books, and the internet. After you collect the data, critically analyse and explain what you have found. A good literature review analyses, synthesize, and critically evaluate to give a clear picture of the knowledge on the chosen subject.

    To write the dissertation literature review, you need to identify sources. Make sure to find the relevant sources. Data can be obtained from reputable websites, journals, articles, books, and scholarly publications. After you’ve gathered your data, go over the material you’ve gathered from each source. Then, you have to identify research gaps. It means you must identify the gaps in previous research on the same topic. Finally, read as much as possible in order to write a compelling dissertation literature review.

    A literature review is a pillar in your research writing as it provides relevancy, context, and background of the research problem. Firstly, a literature review should start with a thought literature search from authoritative sources. Once you gather all the relevant sources, give the background of the literature on a research topic to introduce the field of study to the reader. Your review should consist of the comparison and contrast of the different studies. You have to mention the recent progress on the research topic. Identify the research gaps and define the problem statement. Once the problem is defined, you have to discuss the pitfalls and strengths of the other studies.

    A literature review is a comprehensive overview of the available knowledge on a particular research topic. There is no specific format for critical literature review. You can summarize and then evaluate, or you might choose the combination of these two. For writing a critical literature review, you have to analyze and evaluate different sources on a specific topic. Focus on the most relevant points that relate to your research topic. While writing critical literature, you have to evaluate the effectiveness of the author’s arguments. Identify the research gaps and compare sources with each other. Also, explain where you agree and where you don’t. Also, provide the evaluation argumentation to depict which author writing you find more persuasive and why. Lastly, provide the conclusion of your finding.

    While writing an introduction to a literature review, you should define the topic of research. Provide the context for the literature review and establish your reasons, arguments, and viewpoints. Explain the importance of the topic and why you are writing the literature review. Identify the knowledge gaps. Provide the overview of the literature review. Explain the scope of the review that means you have to explain which aspects of the topic should be included and which should not.

    A master’s degree literature review differs from a doctoral dissertation literature review. The first step in writing a master’s literature review is to look at what has already been written about the proposed thesis topic. After you’ve decided what you’re going to investigate in your thesis. The next step is to research in that area. Students must rely on the reviewed journal articles when writing a literature review. Next, you have to develop a research question and hypothesis. Once you are done with the research question, you can start an in-depth review of the literature.

    For writing a scientific literature review, firstly, choose a topic of your interest, of which you have prior knowledge. Start with an introduction. Outline what you intend to cover in the review. Write the thesis statement. Explain to your audience why you must review the literature in your topic area. After that, write the body of the paragraph. Finish your review by bringing everything together and making it clear what conclusions you reached about your topic based on the research studies you read and analysed.

    For an academic literature review, firstly, define your main issue, problem, or focus. Create a research question or thesis statement. Start your literature review with an introduction. Describe why this research topic is significant. Outline the scope of your review, such as what aspects of the topic you’ll be focusing on. In the body of the text, provide clear, logical, and coherent summaries and evaluations of the sources. Read and annotate your sources critically, keeping your research question or central issue in mind. Summarize the main idea of the sources, comment on their usefulness, relevancy, methodology, and findings concerning your issue or question.

    For writing a literature review for the dissertation proposal, flesh out the introduction and the background of the study. Evaluate important research trends or areas of interest relevant to your study critically. Identify potential knowledge gaps. Build on conclusions that lead to your project, or demonstrate where the literature is lacking. After assessing the literature on your field of study, you would be able to answer: Why should we investigate (further) this research topic/issue? What contributions will my research make to the existing body of knowledge?

    In order to write a methodology section for a literature review, start with a recap of your research question. Describe your design and methodology. Then comes the context and reasoning behind your design choice. Lastly, include the assessment of your method of choice, as well as a statement of its limitations.


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