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    Highly Dependable Proofreading and Editing Services

    Proofreading and editing are important to remove errors in your text. In fact, it is essential for all sorts of organizations and departments where writing activities take place. You might be excellent at writing a document, but You will always need to get it checked by a professional.

    A professional proof-reader will apply various changes to the document correcting the errors. Thus, making it fluent and approvable for the reader. At Academics Hub, we offer all types of Proofreading and editing services at affordable pricing. No matter, you are a student or a teacher working on your PhD thesis, we would check and revise it for you. We have a team of expert and dedicated editors and proof-readers to work on your document.

    How Our Proofreading and Editing Services Work

    At Academics Hub, our editors are expert enough to meet all types of deadlines with sure satisfaction. Students and university faculty can equally benefit from our assignment editing services. After you submit your document, we assign the most suitable editors and proof-readers to work on it.
    No matter how much effort it takes, we make it entirely error-free and ready for any platform.

    Copy Editing to Improve Your Grades

    As you may have noted, copy editing and proofreading are two different jobs. Proof-reader corrects spelling, punctuation, and other minor errors in the language. On the other hand, copy editing involves text rewriting wherever it is necessary to improve the style. Usually, online services treat these two as separate tasks. However, at Academics Hub, it is not so. We check your draft not only for mistakes but also for copy and content editing. In other words, we do not like to put a dent in your wallet, especially when you are a student. That is why a large number of our customers are repeat ones.

    What will Your Academic Editor do?

    You get in-text feedback from our editors in the form of comments and Word’s Track changes utility. It will also act as a thorough guideline. In other words, you will get a chance to learn from your own mistakes. Even if you have an urge for guidance, our editors will supply it too. Thus, you not only get your paper completely corrected but also become a good writer with full know-how of academic proofreading.

    No matter how close the deadline is, we check your academic papers with ensured satisfaction. Even if your ideas are not clear, our editors will work hard to make them easy to understand by anyone. The same is the case with subject relevancy. When you get back your document and compare it with the draft you submitted with us, you will see the difference. Moreover, it will help you get higher grades and save you from embarrassment.

    Why Choose our Proofreading and Editing Services?

    Academics Hub fulfils all your academic and professional needs about manuscript editing & proofreading. All the praise for our award-winning services goes to our dedicated team. We are selective when it comes to hiring an expert. Only highly qualified and experienced persons get selected. All our team members are not only native English but also with a proven track record.

    • We never recycle work and treat each assignment as a new slate.
    • You can freely communicate with your proofreader whenever you want to.
    • After working with us, you will experience a dramatic improvement in your writing abilities.

    Get an Instant Quote

    You can acquire our editing and proofreading services very quickly. Just fill the form and text us your requirements. One of our customer support members will get in touch with you as early as possible and discuss your requirements. Once we start work on your draft and deliver it as promptly as possible. What are you waiting for? Let us help you next and succeed in your academic journey.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Proofreading as its name suggests is a surface-level checking of the already written content. A proofreader looks for spelling mistakes, grammatical mistakes, punctuation mistakes and removes text inconsistencies. On the other hand, editing improves the tone, sentence structure, language clarity, and readability of your content.

    Our charges can vary depending on how quickly you want your document back. If you need your document in the fastest turnaround time, it generally raises the price. Get in touch with our team and tell them your content length and time duration. You will get the information about the prices.


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    You just have to tell us your requirements and give us the details of your assignment. We will begin to do our magic from the topic to the number of words.

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    Once you proceed with the payment, we will choose the best writer for your task in no time.

    Get Your Package

    After we are done, we proofread and fix all minor errors left. Creating an error-free and high-quality assignment for you to submit!



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