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Academics Hub: What Is Academic Integrity in Nursing Education? Seek Assignment Help

What Is Academic Integrity in Nursing Education? Seek Assignment Help

Academic integrity refers to the expectation that a student will submit original work and give credit to the ideas of others. In other words, academic integrity is the commitment to and demonstration of honest and moral behaviour in the classroom. It is especially important at the university level because it relates to giving credit to others when using their ideas, points of view, and work. In its most basic form, it entails acknowledging the contributions of others. During an academic career, students have to submit a lot of assignments. To make the assignments, students have to do research, read the articles of other people. But it is not ethically good to use someone else’s work. Instead, students have to give credit to the people to whom they have used the material.

For nursing students, values, integrity, and ethics are crucial. Academic integrity is a matter of concern for nursing students. Mostly, violation of integrity happens in nursing schools. The result could be a wide range of repercussions on nursing education, profession, and students. Let’s discuss in detail what nursing is and academic integrity in nursing education.

What Is Nursing?

Nursing is a profession of medical sciences. It is a scientific study and a part of the health care sector that is mainly focused on caring for families, individuals, and communities to help them maintain good health and have a quality life. In other words, it cares for the people of society with proper diagnosis and treatment amenities. Nursing education is becoming increasingly common among college and university students. It is a vast discipline that has many sub-disciplines. Students who choose nursing in their academic careers come across many nursing assignments as a part of their degree program. Students, due to the lack of knowledge, can’t prepare their nursing assignments properly. Thus, they look for experts in this field to get the best nursing assignment help. Indeed, many assignment help services are offering assignment assistance and help students improve their academic performance.

Academic Integrity in Nursing Education

Academic dishonesty among nursing students has become common nowadays. It’s a student’s deliberate attempt to falsify or tamper with data, information, records, or other material related to courses, laboratory, or other academic functions. These include exam cheating, forgery, and plagiarism, which result in the student not obtaining the expected knowledge.

Academic dishonesty such as cheating or plagiarism and unintentional sharing of work is common among college and university students. It is not ethical to use the work of someone else. A student who fails to complete their work during a nursing program is likely to compromise their ability to learn the necessary knowledge and skills required to have good practical skills. During clinical practice, nursing students break ethical standards. Also, nursing students get many assignments on the subject matter. But due to the lack of adequate knowledge, they copy-paste the assignment material from different sources. Undoubtedly, plagiarism shows that a person has no knowledge of the subject matter and fewer creativity skills.

Violation of Academic Integrity Through Plagiarism

Nowadays, in academic settings, academic integrity and plagiarism are concerns to educators. But students still, due to the lack of sufficient knowledge, write plagiarised assignments. Here are some of the ways through which students violate moral integrity.

  • Copy-pasting is common among college and university students. Copy-pasting includes the work of someone else in your assignments. Most students copy the material from other students’ work, websites, articles, journals, and books. Copy-and-pasting is called intentional plagiarism because it does not include citations of the original work. The work may be slightly altered, such as changing two or three words within the text.
  • One thing that is common among nursing students is minimalist rephrasing. It means changing a few words in the original text. In this type of plagiarism, students just re-arrange a few words to confuse the plagiarism detector software.
  • Another type of plagiarism that nursing students use is patchwork. Patchwork plagiarism means getting chunks of content from multiple sites and putting it on your assignment to show that it’s your original work.

Few More Words About Academic Integrity

The goal of every educational institute is to be free from fraud and depletion in scholarly activities. Cheating, plagiarizing, fabricating information or citations, facilitating acts of academic dishonesty by others, having unauthorized possession of examination, making copies in any manner of exams or papers, submitting work of another person, or tampering with the academic work of other students are all examples of academic dishonesty.

 All these practices are common in nursing education. It is the professor’s responsibility to guide students that academic integrity violation is unethical.  Honesty is regarded as a fundamental ethical value, and academic integrity is critical in the educational setting. It is especially important in the nursing profession because the well-being of the patients in our care is dependent on it. That is why such activities should be avoided in an educational environment.

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The demand for nurses is gradually increasing due to advancements in the medical field. It opens up a variety of opportunities for students pursuing degrees in the medical field. Indeed, Nursing is a noble profession that arose from medical research. Nursing is concerned with the care of sick people so they can get well or recover from their illness as soon as possible. Nursing assignments seem tricky to students because they get confused in understanding complex medical terms and terminologies. During their academic studies, students are assigned various types of assignment writing, including nursing assignments. Many students are unable to write their nursing assignments, so they seek assistance from experts who can provide the best nursing assignment help.

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Academic integrity has increased significantly in nursing education. The practice of copying someone else’s work without consent is common now. Students, because of the academic pressure, copy the assignment solution of some other students. It is against the rules of academic integrity. But still, some students violate academic integrity and submit the plagiarized work of someone else.  Earlier in this blog, I have discussed academic integrity in nursing education and how students violate integrity in academia. Students, due to the pressure of a lot of assignments, find it tedious to compose a well-written paper. If you are struggling with the same problem, you can hire the best nursing assignment help services to ace your academic grades.

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