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Top Time Management Tips to Meet Academic Writing Deadlines

Top Time Management Tips to Meet Academic Writing Deadlines

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All of us have the same time frame and hours of the day. However, students always feel as if they are running out of time. Most of that feeling comes during academic writing. The primary reason behind it is the lack of time management. If you are also facing that problem, there is no need to worry about it. We have devised a set of tips to help you in this regard. All you have to do is study this write up with intense care and utilize the tips discussed below to meet deadlines. But before we guide you about the top time management tips to meet your academic writing deadlines, you must understand why it is necessary to meet deadlines.

Occasions When you May Face a Deadline

That is very much essential to realize that not all the academic tasks are deadline oriented. Here are a few of the most famous instances when you may have to face strict deadlines:

  • In exams and tests
  • For writing academic assignments and papers
  • During a study plan, mostly right before the exams.
  • Submission of thesis, papers and homework

In case you are unable to meet any of the above, it will have an ultimate effect on your grades. That is why we are emphasizing so much on meeting deadlines. Now let us come to the main point of our discussion and guide you on time management tips regarding academic writing.

Importance of Deadlines in Academic Writing

Usually, students are given deadlines to make sure they devise and follow a plan to meet them. It is like a part of their academic training and education. If a student cannot accomplish a task within the given time frame, how can he or she meet deadlines in practical life ahead? That being the case, deadlines are very much crucial in a student’s life. Here are a few more reasons to show how important deadlines are.

  1. Without a deadline, one may not care about task accomplishment, especially within a given time frame.
  2. Deadlines help you maintain a smooth work plan, accomplishing all the essential tasks one by one according to their importance.
  3. Last but not least, it is one of the best tactics to be your own master. With a strict deadline, you do not need any supervision; you are your monitor. It has a psychological impact on one’s mind.

While reading the above lines, some may think that what to do if you have to manage more than one tasks, or due to an emergency, you are not able to deliver as expected. There are solutions to that problem too; for instance, you can seek academic help from some reliable online source to accomplish academic writing tasks. However, it would help if you took care of some specific aspects that we would discuss at the end of this write-up. Let us continue our tips for time management about academic writing. However, you will find the following guidelines equally useful in fields other than academic writing. Azərbaycanda ən yaxşı onlayn kazino saytları

Get Up Early for Academic Writing

Get Up Early for Academic Writing

Waking up early in the morning is not only suitable for your work and studies but also health. It might sound not very easy, but you can get used to it gradually. Going to sleep early will also help a lot. It would help if you had a sound sleep to keep your body and mind healthy. Lack of sleep can affect your working capacity in the long run. You can also take help from an alarm. It will force you to get up at a specific time. After a few weeks, you will be trained to rise to that particular hour. Thus, you would no more need an alarm for that purpose.

There are numerous benefits of waking up early. For example, you can spare some time for a morning walk or light exercise. Equally important, you will easily manage time for academic writing.

Make use of a Checklist

Most of the professionals start their task management plan with a checklist. It is best practice to save yourself from distraction. You know what your responsibilities are and how to accomplish them one by one. As the task is complete, you can mark it done. Thus, you know which one is complete and which not. It has a hidden psychological benefit too. To put it differently, with each accomplished task, you are happy. As a result, it boosts your overall performance.

  • Do Important Academic Writing First

Though there was no need to mention that rule, without it, our list of time management tips would have remained incomplete. Prioritize tasks according to their importance. You can also include that part in your checklist. No need to mention, deadlines for each subject would help you in this regard. Include the tasks with the close deadline at the top and vice versa. For instance, if you have sociology and philosophy papers to write, check which one is to be submitted first. That will help you write the essential task first and meet deadlines.

Give Yourself a Treat

Give Yourself A Treat Not a bad idea, create rewards for each level of task completion. You can even add it to the checklist. For instance, when you write a sociology paper, you will take a chocolate bar or a cup of coffee. You can further enhance it with something more rewarding. All that enticement will boost not only your emotions but also your body. Thus, you can revitalize and gain some extra energy for the upcoming task.

However, it would help if you took care of crucial aspects. For instance, the reward or treat shall not be, in any case, harmful to your concentration.

Make a Time plan and Stick to it

Many people, especially students, are afraid of rigid time frames. It is like acting upon a plan. However, we are talking about a lenient division of time that you can follow without disturbance. You can print it and pencil where necessary. It will help you manage time more efficiently. It is just like breaking your schedule into small workable fragments.

Above all, you must remember not to ignore your family and friends. No need to mention your relaxation is equally important. It will help you relieve tension and meet deadlines.

  • Utilize Task Fragmentation Technique

Sometimes you have to face a task is more extensive than usual. It might be not easy to adjust it in your schedule. Best way to deal with it is to break it into fragments. For instance, if you have to write an assignment that comprises of four pages, do not include it in a single task. Treat it like four small units that can be easily managed. Initially, it might seem not easy, but with the time you will get used to it. You will find it even more comfortable and manageable. Moreover, you can accomplish other small tasks in between the intervals. Thus, you would not get bored and multi-task without getting exhausted.

Get Rid of Distractions during Academic Writing

Distractions can destroy your full concentration and in turn the writing you are up to. That is why you must get rid of all such things that might distract your attention. Generally speaking, each person has his level of distraction. For instance, some are distracted by music, while others feel easy with it and can work more efficiently while listening to a favourite song. That is why you must recognize the factors that distract you and then try to avoid them.

Get Rid of Distractions

One of the most famous examples of distraction is the use of social media. Some people are so much addicted to it that they cannot resist checking it from time to time. To get rid of that habit, you can make use of certain apps that are used to lock other apps. You can even go offline for a specific time duration. Same is the case with your mobile phone and other palm devices. Calls and messages during working hours can waste a lot of time. For that, you can either leave your phone at a place that is not easily reachable or just put it on silent mode.

All that effort will help you remain focused during a writing assignment and meet deadlines.

Do not Set Goals You Cannot Meet

Many students would set unrealistic goal lines. For instance, if they have to write a paper that is usually a two hours job, they would commit to writing it in one hour. Consequently, they might accomplish it, but sooner or later, it will affect their grades. Quality academic writing always requires time for revision and proofing. If you continue practising your stamina will improve. But it is still not recommended to be unrealistic in your approach.

However, when it comes to academic writing tasks, some subjects might be easy for you. In that case, you can write to them quickly. For ease of access, you can do such tasks in the first half of your schedule. In case you accomplish them early, you will save some time for the comparatively more challenging assignments.

  • Never work continuously

Taking breaks during academic writing can prolong your working capacity. It is a great time management skill if you attain it at the student level. You can use many essential techniques to take short breaks. For instance, grab a cup of coffee, some fresh air or even a packet of your favourite chips or candies.

All that will help you focus and increase your working capacity.

What if You Fail to Manage an Academic Writing?

There is nothing more awkward for a student than a missed deadline. Only those can know who have been through it. Being a student, you can never afford to miss one. The best thing to deal with such a situation is to manage it wisely. For example, the best strategy, in that case, will be to seek help from a reliable source. If you do not have an idea about it, let us guide you in detail.

There are times when, despite all your hard work and effort, you are not able to meet the academic writing deadline. You might face an emergency, or whatever the case might be. However, there is no option but to meet the deadline. Best way to do that is hiring an academic service that is capable of completing the assigned task before time and handing it over to you with full privacy. It is the only way to manage a deadline when you are almost going to miss it.

Wrap up

What we have discussed above is no matter a whole plan to act upon. It cannot be wrapped up in a few lines. However, to cut a long story short, the best way to manage time during academic writing is to keep your deadline always in mind. Second, divide your time about the urgency of each task, draft an outline and make a checklist out of it. The left will be relatively easy for you to act upon. Even if you fail in the first attempt, you always have the option of academic help.

We hope that the above overview of time management tips will help you a lot during academic writing.


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