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Academics Hub: What Are The 4 Academic Writing Types? Get Help from Assignment Writers

What Are The 4 Academic Writing Types? Get Help from Assignment Writers

During your college and university life, when you are asked to write the academic content, your professors expect you to maintain one of those four academic writing types in your writing. You can do that by understanding the academic writing types and learning the difference between each type.

Academic writing is used to define your intellectual boundaries on the specific area of expertise. It includes a formal tone, clear focus on the research problem, use of precise word choice, and the use of the third person instead of first-person. Academic writing is a necessary part of a student’s academic life. Students can’t get high scores unless they complete their assignments. Therefore, learn the different academic writing types to enhance your knowledge. In this blog, I have shared the four main academic writing types that polish your content. In case! You are not able to manage your time, you can seek assistance from the best assignment writers to ace the grades in exams.

Academic Writing Types

Are you a university student? Do you have anxiety about academic assignments? Does the word academic scare you? Don’t worry! You are not the only one. Many students get stressed with academic writing. They want to know what the main academic writing types are. In this blog, I have explained the academic writing types with complete guidance. There are four main types of academic writing: descriptive, analytical, persuasive, and critical. Each type has its purpose, features, and language. Do you know that in many academic texts, you will need to use more than one type? Such as in an empirical thesis writing:

  • You have to use the critical style of academic writing in the literature review to show the gap in the existing research.
  • In the data collection and analysis section, you have to use the descriptive method to describe or summarize the method used.
  • The conclusion or the result section will be analytical and descriptive because you have to report the data collected.
  • Lastly, in the discussion section, you will use the analytical and persuasive style. Because you have to back your findings with the research question and propose your interpretation of the findings.


It is one of the simplest academic writing types. The purpose of this writing is to give information or facts about a particular subject or area. For example, the summary of the article or a report of an experiment. Descriptive writing is characterized by the descriptions of objects, places, emotions, persons, experiences, and situations. In simple words, you have to analyse the situation and put it into simple words. Remember! In descriptive writing, you are not writing to give a description, rather you are supposed to present the deeper meaning through this type of writing.

 meaning through this type of writing type.


Analytical writing includes descriptive writing, but in this type of writing, one has to rearrange the facts and information into groups, categories, parts, types, and relationships. Sometimes these categories and groups are already a part of your discipline, but if they are not, you are required to create them specifically for your text. For instance, while making comparisons, you might break your text into several parts. For instance, how each theory deals with social context and how it deals with language learning. Here is how you can make your writing more analytical:

  • Spend an ample amount of time on planning and brainstorming ideas. Try to group those ideas and facts according to the patterns, similarities, parts, and differences. Also, you can use flow charts, diagrams, tables, and graphs.
  • Try to build each section around one of the analytical categories.
  • Also, include the topic sentence and the interesting introduction.
  • Create the name for the relationships and categories such as pros and cons.
  • Write in a clear structure so that it is easily readable to your professor


It is similar to analytical writing. But in this type of academic writing, you can include your perspective. Persuasive writing has all features of analytical writing (facts/information and the rearrangement of those facts) with the additional feature of adding your point of view. In academic writing, point of view can consist of an argument, interpretation, recommendation, and the evaluation of the work of others. When you present an argument, you have to support that argument with strong evidence.   

To develop your arguments, list the various reasons for it. Find credible sources that can back your point of view. To present your arguments, make sure your text creates a coherent argument where all the claims support your overall point of view. Importantly, give clear reasoning and evidence of every claim you make.

Critical – one of the most important academic writing types

Critical writing has all the features of a persuasive writing style, with the additional feature of at least one more point of view. In persuasive writing, you have to give your point of view, while in critical writing style, you are required to include the two points of view, including your own. In critical writing, you have to summarize all the parts of the work. It requires strong writing skills. Try to understand the topic and the issues thoroughly.  Provide the evidence to your point of view. Different types of evidence may be appropriate such as logical reasoning and the reference to the authoritative sources.

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Read this blog you will find the complete guide on the four main academic writing types. We have provided you with the needed information on all academic writing types. The four types of academic writing are descriptive, analytical, persuasive, and critical. Each writing style has an additional feature to the previous one. You can utilize these writing styles in your research work or the thesis. However, if you are not able to write your paper yourself, you can seek assignment help from reliable assignment writers. Online professional writers with vast experience in academic writing compose your assignments. What else do you need? It’s time to impress your professors by submitting well-written content.

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