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Essay Writing: Top 50 Writing Prompts & Ideas for Good Grades

Students have to write essays on various topics during their academic course. Quality essay writing needs a lot of concentration and creative instinct. However, all the students are not so much creative to write smoothly on any topic. To put it differently, some of them need a little push to boost their imagination. 

At the same time, both teachers and parents can play their role in this regard. They can make use of specific prompts to let their students and kids think creatively. In this write-up, we are going to discuss the top 50 writing prompts and ideas for good grades and success. Provided that not only teachers but students can too benefit from these tips about essay writing. These would help even the general reader to think through events more creatively. 

Why Need Prompts for Essay Writing?

Some of our readers, mainly student, might think that why need a boost, after all, writing an essay is like a duty that must be accomplished. Well, that is where most of the students do not think straight. Notably, prompts are generally meant to foster your learning and writing process. Important to realize, it is just like encouraging someone to do something he or she is hesitating to do. It can either be a single phrase, a set of ideas or initiative lines used to write an essay. 

With this in mind, an individual, no matter how creative mind he or she has, cannot always be productive enough to write effectively on any topic. Then again, students are bound to write papers and essays regardless of their mood and working atmosphere. That is why teachers have to use some specific prompts to make it easy and convenient for them. To be more precise, there is a separate classification of prompts for each academic level. That helps both teachers and students to communicate effectively about essay writing. Most of the time, prompts are in the form of short questions, when students think about their answer, the whole essay comes to their mind gradually. 

In the light of above points, let us discuss the top fifty writing prompts for persuasive essay writing.

Top 50 Persuasive Prompts for Essay writing

Teachers, parents and even students can use the following persuasive model prompts to write quality essays for attaining high grades. No need to mention, these are just idea formats, you are free to mould and twist them into your style and dialect. Furthermore, you can use them for any academic level according to your ease. In the end, you will get more guidelines regarding how to write my essay quickly.

  1. How good are you at making friends? Describe your experience with various friends up till now.
  2. What is your idea about the impact of failure on our lives? Elaborate
  3. Do you believe in predictions? What if you knew what will happen in a future life?
  4. What is your idea of superstition? Is it good or bad?
  5. Are you a lucky person? Can you explain how lucky you have been up till now?
  6. What stories have you read during the academic course and which one is your favourite character?
  7. What is your opinion about live cameras in public places? Is it a privacy violation or a necessity to stop crimes?
  8. Have you planned for good grades? How will you achieve your goals in this regard? 
  9. What is the effect of social media on your educational progress? Is it favourable or adverse?
  10. Why should others respect you? Elaborates with examples.

Prompts to Boost your Imagination (continued)

  1. How will you summarise four years’ stay at your educational institute? What was your collective experience?
  2. What is your biggest goal in life, and what have you planned for it?
  3. Which non-curricular book you like most and why?
  4. What sort of movies and TV shows you prefer to watch, can you name five characters that influenced you most?
  5. Define the personality traits of the most exciting person you have met till the age of 12.
  6. How are your relationships with your classmates? Whose company do you enjoy most?
  7. Did you ever have a nightmare after which you could not sleep? Why
  8. How many of your family members have been affected by COVID-19? How did they recover?
  9. Which sport do you enjoy most watching? Why
  10. How will you differentiate things you need from those you want?

Creative Essay Writing Prompts to Elevate Approach (Continued)

  1. What are your views about work or study from home? Did it impact you during the COVID-19 lockdown?
  2. For which quality your friends and relatives love you? 
  3. Have you ever feared something or someone? How did you overcome that fear?
  4. What is your concept of ideal student life? Is your life the one you idealize?
  5. How will you define beauty and virtue? Who is the most beautiful person of your life up till now?
  6. What is your concept of high school bullying? Have you ever faced it?
  7. What is the best way to deal with worries? What about sharing them with friends and parents?
  8. Do you know how to drive? Which automobile your parents have?
  9. Which profession do you want to join after graduation? Why
  10. Name various factors that often affect your creative thinking: how do you overcome them?
  11. Your concept of loyalty defines it with examples from your experience.
  12. What is your favourite dish? How frequently you take it?
  13. What was the biggest mistake of your life? Did it affect your life?
  14. How will you define an act of bravery? Do you have any personal experience in this regard?
  15. You are left alone at an island for thirty days, write it like an adventure story with a happy ending.
  16. Create a fairy tale character from scratch; you are free to add any traits you like for it.
  17. You have prepared a meal with a unique recipe, introduce it in such a way that others love to consume it. 
  18. Recall one of your favourite early childhood episodes of life, what was its impact?
  19. You are given a chance to create a dream universe; how will you make it different from the one you live in presently.

Prompts for Awesome Writing (Continued)

  • Have you ever been to an amusement park? Was it pleasant or adverse?
  • What is your concept of an ideal lifestyle? Explain with examples from real life.
  • Ways to master persuasive essay writing.
  • Is it suitable to acquire writing help from professional services?
  • How will you choose a writing service online and for which purpose?
  • If you were allowed to meet someone from the past, who will it be?
  • What if you had to give up your cell phone for one month?
  • Impact of the internet on modern education? What are its Pros and Cons?
  • Do you have any pet? If not, why?
  • You are experimenting, and all of a sudden, you become invisible, what now? 
  • Health, wealth and character: What will you choose and why?

How to get the most out of essay Writing Prompts?

What if you are facing a writers block - Academics Hub

It would help if you even had some guidance to utilize the prompts mentioned above. No doubt a prompt gives you a good kickstart but that’s not all. You have to write effectively and must know how to do it. At the student level, you can start writing a good essay by practising a lot. It is a time-consuming job. The best way is to select a set of prompts from the above list and think over. You can even take it as a group task, discuss with your friends about their thoughts, or what they are going to write. Al that discussion will automatically boost your creativity. At least you will be able to give your essay a good start. 

What if you are facing a writer’s block?

Who will write my Essay

At the students’ level, you may not exactly be aware of it, but at the professional level, it is quite common. Many proficient writers sometimes feel that they cannot write any more. Due to an extensive workload, their creativity is at a halt. Of course, in that case, they would take rest and participate in recreational activities. However, a student cannot afford to do so after all students have to meet deadlines and submit their papers on a specific date. That is the time when you would want to acquire some extra help. Let us tell you how to do that part with complete secrecy and privacy.

Who will write my Essay?

From where can I get help to write my essay? Exactly, that is the question that will come in a student’s mind stuck in the situation mentioned above. It is like a race against time. During all that scenario what you have at stack are your good grades and marks. Well, there is nothing to fret about. You will find many reliable online writing services that can be of real help. However, there are some crucial points that you must keep in mind while hiring such a service, for instance:

  • Privacy and secrecy of your project
  • Affordable pricing 
  • Quality writing from experienced academics
  • Free unlimited revisions
  • Round the clock support and assistance
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Fastest turnaround time

Markedly, there are services like Academics Hub where you will find a perfect blend of all the above characteristic. However, you must visit their official website to get a perfect overview of their services. 

End Note

Consequently, our above discussion is all about practising, as much as you can. Sometimes a prompt will itself guide your thoughts. At least you will not face a halt. However, it would help if you concentrated on the key aspects mentioned in the prompt. It will be useful to note down essential points in the form of an outline. All you have to do is explain these points further. To put it differently, remember, a prompt is just an initiative; you are free to modify it according to the natural flow of your thoughts. That is the only way you will be able to prove your mettle.  

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