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Academics Hub: What Are The 5 Main Branches of Human Geography? Seek Assignment Help

What Are The 5 Main Branches of Human Geography? Seek Assignment Help

Do you know human geography is created from the two main branches of geography: physical geography and cultural geography?

In this branch of geography, we study the cultural aspects found throughout the world. Mainly, it focuses on culture, language, religion, and different government and economic structures. If you have undertaken this subject in your degree program, you must be getting complicated assignments on this subject matter. Indeed, human geography is a broad subject that has many branches. It consists of multiple sub-disciplinary fields. Each field focuses on the different elements of human activity and organization, for instance, cultural geography, health geography, economic geography, social geography, historical geography, political geography, urban geography, and many more.

Studying the concepts of such a vast subject is not easy for all students. Every student has a different caliber. Sometimes it requires a lot of time to understand the subject. Many students stuck while writing human geography assignments. If you are troubling to compose the assignment, you can seek geography assignment help online from skilled writers and industry experts. Before we move further, let’s talk about the five main branches of geography.

Do You Know About the Five Main Branches of Human Geography?

Human geography is all about human activities and the role that humans play in this world. It involves understanding the human population’s background. This discipline also covers how humans live on the earth and organize themselves in a particular region that they inhabit. Human geography has many sub-disciplines. But for now, in this blog, we will discuss the five main branches of human geography. Following are the human geography branches that you need to know:

  • Cultural geography
  • Economic geography
  • Social geography
  • Political geography
  • Historical geography

Cultural Geography

Cultural geography refers to the study of the different cultures across the world. Most commonly studied cultural phenomena include language, religion, culture, economics, and governmental structures. In today’s world globalization has become increasingly crucial to this field. It allows different aspects of culture to easily travel from one globe to another. Importantly, it examines the cultural values, practices, and material expressions of people. Furthermore, cultural landscapes are crucial as they link culture to the physical environment. It is a core component of the discipline of geography, though its conceptual tools, approach to empirical research has been changed quite over a time.

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Economic Geography

Economic geography refers to describing and analysing trends and patterns in human behaviour to gain an understanding of the drivers and processes that affect the economic and cultural landscape. It is a subdiscipline of geography that seeks to describe the relative location of economic activities. Moreover, it deals with the relation of physical and economic conditions to the production and utilization of raw materials till they become finished goods. Students who have chosen economic geography must be trained along four principal lines.

  • Recognition of the problem and state them in a manner.
  • Development of hypotheses that promise a solution to the problem.
  • Testing of those hypotheses to provide the solution to the problem.
  • Creating relation to other generalizations in the body of the theory.

In this way, economic geography contributes to the student’s learning and understanding. Undoubtedly, it broadens the knowledge base and enables students to acquire a humanistic point of view.

Social Geography

Social geography carries with it an inherent confusion. Because the difference in the social and cultural geography is not very clear. Geographers found it interesting to have an analysis of social phenomena as expressed in space. Social geography is a branch of human geography that is related to social phenomena and their spatial components. This discipline is primarily concerned with how social identities, social relations, and inequalities are created. In simple words, it is a study of social relations, inequalities, and social identities from a spatial perspective. The study of such a complex discipline is a tedious task. It requires in-depth research and sufficient knowledge before writing about this discipline. Hence, social geography expands students’ knowledge, analytical and cognitive skills. By learning the concepts of this discipline, they get knowledge about society and its surroundings.

One of The Crucial Human Geography Discipline: Political Geography

It is a branch of human geography that deals with human governments, regulations, boundaries, and subdivisions of political units. It’s a sub-discipline that is concerned with the spatial dimensions of politics. Political geography is an academic discipline studying the interaction between the political activities of people and integral geographic space. The objective of this discipline is to reveal the unity of the geographical factors of social development. In simple words, political geography studies the interaction of social activities with geographical space.

Political geography focuses on the relationship between politics and places.

For instance:

  • How boundaries between cities, states, or counties are made
  • Whether the size of a country determines how powerful it is
  • How natural resources are distributed around the world influences trade and war

Those who are studying geography should keep the balance between geography and politics and the way these two are combined will depend on the course.

Historical Geography

Historical geography is a subdiscipline of human geography. It studies the geography of the past and how the influence of the past helps in shaping the geographies of the past and present. In other words, it is a discipline that refers to the study of a place or region at a specific time in the past. It also studies the geographical change in the region or place over some time. It’s a synthesizing discipline that has both methodological and topical similarities with history. Moreover, historical geography focuses on giving answers regarding social, economic, political, and cultural problems as well as their roots in the past.  In short, studying such subjects requires a great amount of time, cognitive skills, and the ability to grasp the subject.

Human Geography Assignment Help to Improve Grades

Geography assignment is all about seeking help from the pool of professional writers in understanding and completing your assignment task. Assistance from adept writers and industry experts is crucial for those who want to excel in their careers in this field. If you are planning for a career in a geographic field, you need to have complete knowledge regarding the geography assignment. Moreover, you need to know the different locations and places. Not only this but, you also need to have in-depth knowledge about the geographical issues, human life, societies, weather, resources, and many other factors.

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Why Hire Professionals for Human Geography Assignment Help?

Are you investing a lot of time in your pending human geography assignment? Don’t know about the geography branches? Are you troubled with the burden of a lot of assignments? Don’t worry! You can hire a homework helper for your geography assignment. All you need to hire a trustworthy and credible assignment help service provider to get your work. Not only geography help, but you can also seek online assistance in many sub-disciplines of geography. We understand that students struggle with writing tasks. Especially! When it comes to submitting the assignments on human geography branches, they look for an online homework helper.

 Students find it challenging to prepare the lengthy assignments on such a vast discipline. They look for someone who can help them in getting A+ grades. If you are looking for professional help online, find a reliable and trustworthy website that fulfils all your requirements. By keeping this in mind, online academic writing services offer economical and quality assistance to the students. Here are some of the features that you can get when you seek online assistance.

  • Online geography assignments help experts deal with each client professionally and prepare well-written, plagiarism-free, well-edited, and well-referenced content that matches your specifications.
  • And, all your assignments will be written according to the referencing style assigned by your university professors or educational institute.
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Human geography is a broad discipline that has many sub-disciplines. In this blog, I have shared the five main branches of human geography. The five human geography branches are cultural, economic, social, political, and historical geography. Many students find it tedious to complete the homework on such complex subjects. However, it requires an ample amount of time, research, and analytical skills to craft a compelling geography assignment. If you are facing academic issues, you can acquire online assignment help from skilled writers and researchers. Many online assignment help services offer geography assignment help online to improve your grades. Hire an experienced writer who fulfills all your requirements and delivers your work on time.

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