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Nike Stock Price Today NYSE NKE Investing com Canada

With a strong global presence, possessing outlets and partnerships in various countries. This global reach allows them to tap into different markets and target a wider range of customers. Nike (NKE) stock fell nearly 6% in after-hours trading Thursday as the athletic apparel company fxpcm provided a sluggish outlook for revenue that offset a better-than-expected quarterly earnings report. According to 33 analysts, the average rating for NKE stock is “Buy.” The 12-month stock price forecast is $116.59, which is an increase of 31.24% from the latest price.

  1. Unlike CFD trading, option contracts have a loss limit on the amount spent.
  2. Nike Earnings per share stood at $3.27, reflecting a 15% decrease, both falling short of analysts’ projections.
  3. Ike Boruchow, Wells Fargo, joins ‘Money Movers’ to discuss cutting his price target for Nike as it and Lululemon see a stock fall.
  4. NKE may explore other product categories or networks to diversify its offerings.
  5. Nike has had 12 stock splits since its IPO, reflecting the company’s growth and commitment to shareholder value.
  6. CFD trading (Contracts for Difference) is a dynamic strategy for traders aiming to profit from short-term price fluctuations of the NKE stock.

The ability to connect with the target audience through effective marketing provides a competitive advantage. Based on TradingView data, NKE stock has resistance levels at $115.00, $120.00, and $125.00, posing challenges to the upside. paxful review We also note support levels for Nike share price at $100.00, $95.00, and $90.00, providing solidity when there is market volatility. They changed the name to Nike Inc. in 1972 and launched their first line of apparel in 1978.

Analyzing Nike’s Valuation: A Comparative Review and Investment Considerations

Consumer preferences and trends in the apparel and sportswear industries can change rapidly. Nike needs to lead this change and adapt its supply chain accordingly to avoid losing market share. Nike Inc. stands as an iconic American brand, synonymous with athletic excellence and global recognition. Its origin, stemming from Blue Ribbon Sports in 1962, showcased an early knack for performance-oriented products, which soon became essential for athletes and a part of the nation’s jogging movement. By the end of 1994, the stock hit $2.33 and by December 1995, the stock had gone as high as $4.35. In just one year’s time, the stock’s value had increased by 87%.

Nike Stock Snapshot

Nike is one of the most famous and recognized brands in the world. Its iconic logo and strong brand image give it a competitive edge. With a market capitalization of approximately $166.81 billion, Nike occupies an important position in the marketplace, demonstrating questrade review widespread acceptance and value. Let’s take a closer look at Nike’s financial statements to understand its operations and financial strength. Lululemon was set for its worst day in more than four years, while Nike shares touched a six-month low on Friday.

Dana Telsey, Telsey Advisory Group CEO, joins ‘Closing Bell Overtime’ to discuss the state of the retail consumer following Nike and Lululemon earnings. Simeon Siegel, BMO Capital Markets retail analyst, joins ‘Money Movers’ to discuss his optimism towards Nike and Lululemon, how impacted the consumer is by the cumulative effect of rate hikes, and mor… The current annual dividend rate is 1.46%, with a quarterly dividend amount of $0.37 per share. Nike has consistently rewarded shareholders with dividends since 1983, reflecting the company’s commitment to sharing its success. The dividend has grown steadily over the years, with a dividend yield of 1.24% in 2022, providing an attractive incentive for investors. The company’s strategic vision is led by CEO John Donahoe, who assumed leadership in 2015, bringing his notable experience from his previous role as CEO of eBay.

What’s happening today with Nike

Randy Konik, Jefferies lifestyle and growth platforms analyst, joins ‘Squawk Box’ to discuss quarterly earnings results from Lululemon and Nike, what it says about the state of the consumer, and more. Ike Boruchow, Wells Fargo, joins ‘Money Movers’ to discuss cutting his price target for Nike as it and Lululemon see a stock fall. Nike, the global powerhouse in sports shoes and apparel, is poised for a promising future. A global economic slowdown could lead to a decline in demand for Nike’s products. When assessing Nike’s valuation in comparison to its peers and the industry, several key financial ratios and metrics come into play.

On June 14th, 2017, NIKE’s stock price was at $54.66 before falling sharply to $51.10 by the end of the trading day on June 16th. This decline was followed by a rally resulting in a closing price of $60.14 on August 3rd. The stock remained at a high level for some weeks, but fell again sharply to bottom out at $51.07 on October 13th.

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