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What Makes A Good Press Release? Writing Tips for Quality Content

Do you want media coverage to get noticed? If you want to get noticed, then you need to learn how to write an effective press release. PR managers and marketing personnel need to master the art of writing a press release. PR is an essential element used to announce something newsworthy. The major objective of PR writing is to get media coverage. The idea behind effective PR is to communicate with the target audience.

It sounds simple, doesn’t it?

Sometimes PR specialists and target audiences misunderstand the objective of PR writing. However, for effective PR writing, it is essential to understand its structure. These short compelling documents consist of announcements, newsworthy items, and information about the product release.

Do you want to maintain your professional image?

Well! You should.

A powerful press release can tell a piece of news, story, and report. For that, you have to write killer content that takes your message to the audience and reaches thousands of people. PR writing is a skill. It takes a lot of effort, time, and research to write a perfect PR that engages the target audience.

Uses of The Press Release

The press release can be used for:

  • Product announcement
  • Reporting
  • News about upcoming events
  • Important business announcement
  • Recall an existing product
  • Involvement in the community work
  • To welcome new staff member
  • To improve brand image

Below are some effective PR writing tips that you can consider to produce quality content.

Always Begin with The Newsworthy and Relevant Topic

Before you start writing, ask yourself:

  • Why will the audience pay attention to this story?
  • Is there any valuable news in this story?
  • Is this a relevant story?

No doubt, aPress release is an important official statement provided to the media and target audience. Therefore, it needs to be relevant and newsworthy. If you write and issue the PR that is not newsworthy, then it won’t get coverage from the media. Leave an impact on your audience’s mind. Can you do that? Add a human-interest angle. Show that your news has an impact on the people.

In this digital era, media still count press releases. But now they don’t have enough time so, they want to see concise and short content. Therefore, it is essential to make quality content that gets their attention. Start your first sentence with why. After that, you can include who, what, where, why, and how.

Write A Press Release for Multiple Audiences

While writing a PR you need to consider your target audience. There is a huge variety in the audience. The audience of the magazines is totally different from the audience that uses websites. For that reason, you have to prepare various versions of PR for multiple audiences you are targeting. Furthermore, consider what knowledge and information they have about your organization and which language is easy for them to understand.

For instance, a manufacturing process of a company might be relevant to the specialists but not for the general public.

Make It as Short as Possible

How long should a press release be?

This question comes to mind while writing quality content for PR. However, the answer is simple. Write few paragraphs to convey your points. Don’t add unnecessary content. Mention the key information in the first paragraph.  The audience wants short, concise, and clear information. Thus, address the important points in the first few sentences. Give enough information to grab the attention of the reader. Write relevant content. No need to unnecessarily repeat the same thought. When you are crafting a professional PR, don’t write lengthy and complex stories.

Add Quotes

Another effective press release writing tip is to include quotes in the content. A quote will add authority to your press release. Include the quotes of the industry experts and senior executives from your company. The purpose of the quote is to provide insight, not the information. Thus, quotes should be used to provide opinions. Make sure to use natural language. It should sound like a real person said them.

You can reach out to the following trusted people for a quote.

  • Seniors executives of your company
  • Industry experts
  • Influencers

Grab the Reader’s Attention with Catchy Headlines

Add a catchy headline on the top of your press release. This will leave a good impression on your reader’s mind. Add informative and relevant content. Most people read your headlines instead of reading the whole press release. So, make it concise and accurate. Another important writing tip is to add essential information in the headline. Try to lead with the concept, not with your brand name. Readers are not interested in your brand name rather they do care about the interesting stories and news. Here are a few writing tips that you can use to make catchy headlines.

Add numbers in your headline:  According to the study, those headlines that consist of numbers get more social shares and engagement.

Try to use interesting adjectives: Use adjectives in your headlines to attract your audience.

Use Action verbs: Action verbs give a sense of urgency and attract your reader’s attention.

Include Multimedia in Your Content

An effective PR writing tip is to include multimedia in your content. Multimedia can enhance the visual appearance of your press release. It shows additional information and clarification to your reader. According to the study, if you include multimedia like images, infographics, and videos into your content, then there is a high probability of getting noticed.

Add relevant and effective multimedia that compliments your PR. Make sure to include high-quality multimedia instead of blurry images and poor-quality videos.

You can use the following multimedia in your content.

  • Images
  • Videos
  • PDFs
  • Infographics

Proofread Your Press Release

Most importantly, don’t forget to proofread your content. Remove grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Read loudly and find mistakes in your sentences. Remove jargons. Print a hard copy to proofread your writing. Correct your mistakes and rewrite them. Proofreading will increase the quality of your content. It ensures that your writing is error-free.

How to Send A Press Release

You can send it by email. Try to make your subject line attention-grabbing. If you doubt that your email will be in the spam folder, then paste your PR content in the email rather than attaching it.

Give Access to More Information

There is no doubt that the short and concise PR works better. However, you can provide access to the reader with more information. Provide relevant links to your website. In this way, the reader will learn about your company’s mission and the accomplishments that you have already achieved. In fact, try to add value in order to make your content more powerful. Include images, videos, and links. Give in-depth information to the reader and link the source material. In short, A press release with the supporting resources makes your story more appealing.

A Few More Press Release Writing Tips

  • Add a subject to your email in order to ensure that the recipient is aware of what it is.
  • Include 5 W’s (Where, Why, When, What and Who) and even H (How) in your news story.
  • Use subheadings and content in the form of points where needed.
  • Try to start your email with a short outline.

Get PR Services by Professional Writers

Whether you have entered into a new market, launch a new product or want to announce something special, PR is a simple and easy way to get in touch with the audience. We have already provided you a complete guide of how to write an effective PR that gets noticed. But, if you are unable to craft yourself, then you can seek assistance from online PR service providers.

The online PR service providers hire only trained and professional press release writers. The one who has great expertise and industry knowledge. Industry knowledge is required to construct an effective PR that will hit your audience to spread your message.

With the help of online PR services, you can get your custom PR at an affordable price. Get benefit from this amazing opportunity to craft your content about any announcement of your business. Simply give your information and let us write your professional PR.

Final Words

The press release is a document that has information about the business events, product releases, business announcements, and other informative news. We have already provided you with effective writing tips of how to craft professional PR. Thus, keep your audience in mind while writing your story. Follow the above-mentioned guidelines to make an effective PR. In short, professional PR will drive traffic to your business and promote your business as well.

However, it is challenging to write quality content. You need to be patient throughout the writing process. But if you are not confident to write yourself, you may seek help online. Many online academic writing service providers will get you the publicity you are looking for. So, don’t waste your time and get instant help from expert writers.

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