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Research Proposal Format and Topics to Use for Good Grades

Research Proposal Format and Topics to Use for Good Grades

Many times, an assignment or dissertation might fail due to the wrong format style. Same is the case with research proposal format; many students do not follow the pattern provided and thus face failure. First of all, you must be aware of the specific format style required by your department. Many students do not even bother to know about it and face the consequences. To save you from all that inconvenience we have summed up all the essential information regarding a research proposal format. By studying this write-up about research proposal format and topics to use for good grades, till the end, you will probably overcome that issue. 

Do not miss any single portion of this blog post as we are also going to provide useful tips on how to acquire reliable research proposal writing services. Let us start from scratch so that newbies also find this writing useful in their academic journey. 

What is a Research Proposal?

Before we come towards the style and formatting guidelines, you must know what in fact is a research proposal. Also, what is its importance in academic writing and grades elevation? 

The first thing to remember, a research proposal is more or less a summary of your whole research work. Whoever reads it will have a solid idea about what are your preferences and goals. That is why a proposal must address the questions and arguments on which your research will be based. Above all, it must portray the originality of your ideas without any ambiguity. No need to mention, a good proposal will convince your supervisor whether he or she shall support your research work or not. Due to all these reasons, you must take your research seriously. 

Now that you are clear about the definition and purpose of research proposal topics let us start with its format’s main requirements. 

Consult your Supervisor for Proposal Format

The person who can best guide you about your research proposal format’s style and structure are no other than the supervisor. The layout and various aspects of your upcoming research shall first be discussed with the supervisor. Usually, each institute has its own set of rules and guidelines for that purpose. You can also get it in documental form from your department. It tun, it will also depend upon your specific field of study. 

All that consultation is essential for attaining top class grades. Once sure that you are on the right track, road to first-class grades will be very much clear for you.  

Essential Criteria for Proposal Format

As discussed earlier, the proposal format may vary from one institute to another. However, the primary criteria will always be the same. For your ease, we are going to provide you with a standard format. No matter what type of style your institute follows, you can amend the following criteria according to it. 

List of Proposal Format Topics for Good Grades

To put it differently, you may amend the sequence of various elements, but the criteria will be the same. 

  • Cover or Title page
  • Introduction
  • Abstract (if required)
  • Literature review
  • Research Design & Methodology
  • Research results & Discussion
  • Appendices
  • Reference list

You may have to deviate from that plan about naming and division of various sections, but the overall structure will always be the same. You may also have to include or exclude some part depending upon the needs and requirements of your writing. 

Let us explain each portion and topic individually:

Cover or Title page: First part of Proposal Format

Just like a dissertation or thesis, proposal format must start with a title page. It will the very first part of your research writing the reader will see. It must be interesting enough to grab attention. In fact, that will comprise of the topic you are going to investigate and research about. It will also have the following elements on it:

  • Project topic
  • Writer’s name
  • Name of your supervisor
  • Your institute’s name and other essential information about it.

The above elements can be shuffled according to the specific requirements of your department or institute. 


As is evident from the name, it is the portion through which the reader will know about your research and what it is about. Regardless of how short or long, your paper is, that part will be included in your proposal. You can consist of various elements and portions according to the research you have carried out. 

For instance, there will be a background you must include. It will tell the reader about works of various other writers on the same topic. A topic already researched many times is the most important one. Thus, a strong background will support your research and analysis. However, all the elements of your background overview must be relevant to your topic. 

In the next part, questions and arguments regarding the research topic would be included. Though you would have to answer the review committee’s questions or whoever reads the paper, you must consist of some from your end. Further, you will have to discuss the approach you followed during the research and how it was implemented to reach the results.

Abstract: According to the proposal format requirement

When included, it must not be more than three hundred words. It will be best if you keep it between 150 and 300. However, its limited word count does not mean that it is less critical. In fact, it is the most crucial part when included in your proposal. Though comprised of a few lines, it reflects the rest of your work. To acquire the best results from it, you must start with a reasoning tone. It would help if you emphasized on the core benefits of your research work. Overview of an abstract shall be produced in your mind the moment you choose the topic of research. 

Literature Review 

That portion is about your views regarding the prior research done on the topic. It portrays that you have well-studied works of other writers and then started your research. Thus, it signifies that your issue was also important in the past. You can consult your school library or the world wide web for that purpose. During that part, you will get a chance to discuss the importance of your work. You will also explain that not a single piece of your proposal is a repetition of past debates and controversies. 

Research design & Methodology

That portion comprises of details regarding the techniques you used during your research. To put it differently, in research methodology, you have to verify your research tools. It would help if you evaluated that it is your work and aware of every step. Each point shall be in support of your methods. Later on, it will help you answer questions put forward by the review committee or even your supervisor. For top class grades, you must satisfy them. As you proceed with that part, you will know about further requirements of your research work. If something is missing, you can include it to make your paper more authentic. 

Research results & Discussion

As is evident from its name, you will discuss the results of your research in that portion. Furthermore, there will be a discussion about significant amounts. However, that will be the part when most of the role will not be covered yet. That is why you must not conclude until you are sure. The details you are not clear about might be let vacant. After the research is complete, you can then fill these portions with the authentic points. 

Appendices & Reference list

Research is incomplete without the list of resources you have consulted and profited from during your study. You must include all these in the reference list. Their sequence shall not be disturbed or altered. It will help your supervisor to check your paper for authenticity. Not only books and journals but also include websites and blogs you have consulted. Essential of all, you must check which your institute follows reference style. For instance, whether it is MLA or APA. 

In the same way, you can include various queries in the appendices. These questions shall be directly related to the research, and nothing shall be out of context.  

Proposal Format and Your Grades

Proposal Format and Your Grades

As mentioned in the initial paragraph, the topics we have discussed are must for good grades. If you miss a single one of these points, it will affect your marks sheet. That is why you shall keep all these aspects in mind. To further emphasize the importance of a proposal format, here are some additional features in this regard:

Primary Purpose of a Proposal Format

It is no other than convincing your reader about your research. You must focus on the points that make your proposal necessary. By looking at the main list of topics, one can know what sort of study you have gone through whether you came up it alone or got help from a source. 

An Overview of overall Structure

Crucial of all, you are presenting an overview of the portion that you have included and why. Furthermore, the importance of that structure for your work. Above all, what will the reader get from it or things that were not discussed elsewhere? It will also help the reader understand your point of view. 

A chance to Review your Research Proposal Format

No need to mention, it is a great way to review your mistakes. Even if you could not focus on any portion, you can improve it by just putting a glance on the proposal format. 

When & Why Hire Research Proposal Writing Services

When and Why Hire Research Proposal Writer

A question that often bothers students, whether they should hire a proposal writing service or try meeting the deadline on their own? The answer is more than superficial; you must do it when you know that it is getting difficult. Of course, you cannot risk your grades. Here is how you can do it in best way:

Hire an Affordable and Reliable Service for Proposal Format

That is the first thing you need to do. Price and secrecy are the essential components in this regard. You must opt for a writing service that will keep all your work & dealings private. No one shall ever know that you did not write the paper. Otherwise, it will directly impact your academic success. Second, the price shall be reasonable; it must not put a dent in your wallet. Most of the students have to pay that amount from their pocket money-saving, so an affordable service like Academics Hub will always e a wise decision. 

Who will do the proposal format writing for me?

That is a question often overlooked by many students. Always check if the writing service has a proficient bank of writers and academics. You may go to their official website for that purpose. If they have a team worth showing off, they will publish their profiles. Many reputable academic writing services have a writer’s profile section on their website. You cannot only visit that section but also choose a writer to do your task. You can further check their social media accounts. Most of the writers can be found there too. 

To cut a long story short, always opt for a reliable and affordable proposal format writing service.

In a Nutshell

A proposal format is the base of your thesis or dissertation. At an academic level, you must format every piece of writing according to your institute’s needs and requirements. That is why if your proposal format is not managed accordingly, it may affect your grades. From the intro to the last part, all your research must be well organized and formatted. If the proposal topics are not fulfilling those requirements, you can forget about good grades. You shall acquire not only guidance from your supervisor but also study the works of other researchers. Finally, if it seems to you that you may not meet the deadline on your own, hire a proposal writing service. That is the last option you have to save your good grades and acquire exceptional academics success.  

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