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How Do You Write A Thesis Statement? Essential Parts and Writing Help

A thesis statement represents the main idea of your research paper or essay. No matter! Whether you are writing an informative essay or an argumentative essay, your arguments fall flat until you present a strong thesis statement.

The purpose of academic writing is to demonstrate that you are not only understanding the concepts you studied, but you also thought about those concepts. This way, you can present your viewpoints, insights, and ideas. You might agree or disagree or build your ideas through the detailed analysis.

Struggling with how to write a thesis statement? Are you thinking of getting dissertation writing help? Don’t know where to get an idea and what to include in the statement. This writing guide is about how to write a thesis statement and what are the essential parts that make your research paper extraordinary. Before we move further, let me tell you what is meant by the thesis statement.

What Is a Thesis Statement?

The thesis statement sums up the key points and arguments of the research paper or essay. It is a way to express the central idea using facts and examples. It is usually placed at the end of the introductory passage, and it presents the principle concepts of your dissertation. Basically, it is the main idea of your paper, and all the other ideas relate back to the thesis statement. It identifies the topic that you are going to discuss. Make an interesting statement that compels the reader to continue reading.

  • Always write a thesis statement in the introduction section.
  • The best practice is to narrow the topic to a specific focus.
  • Try to justify the arguments.
  • A thesis statement must give direction to the entire research paper.
  • The statement should be a point forward to the conclusion.

How to Write a Strong Thesis Statement?

If you wonder how to write a thesis statement, try to choose the specific topic instead of the general. Persuade your reader with your opinion. A strong thesis statement is the one that gives direction to the paper. It helps to inform the reader what is the theme of the entire paper. The main body of the thesis revolves around that thesis statement. Each passage of your research should explain and support your thesis with proper argumentation.

How to Write a Strong Thesis Statement - Academics Hub

Detailed supporting evidence is required to make a strong statement. Likewise, reasoning with supportive evidence builds the reader’s interest and motivates them to continue reading the paper. In addition to this, the effective statement expresses only one idea. If you give more than one idea, this might lead to confusion, and your reader might disconcert about the subject of the research paper. The powerful thesis statement must be precise, specific, forceful, and demonstrative. Don’t write too broad and ambiguous statements.

Sometimes, you need to write in a limited number of words. In that prescribed framework, you don’t need to write too many arguments. Focus on the central idea of your paper. Give your reader a direction to read your essay from start to end. In short, make a clear argument with specific evidence to prove your point. Write the statement in a specific tone rather than general. It should cover what you will be going to discuss in your research paper. Give specific evidence to support your arguments. If your statement is too vague, it won’t work. A strong thesis statement should not be over general.

Few Tips on How to Write a Thesis Statement

Make it concise and catchy: This onestatement should communicate the whole theme of the research paper. It must be engaging enough to grab the reader’s attention and entice the reader to read the entire paper. Write in concise language and use statistics and facts to make it more powerful and compelling. For instance, instead of saying the ‘sales have increased’, say increased sales by 40%.

Don’t hide your statement: Don’t forget to place the thesis statement at the introductory passage of the paper. Although, the exact position depends on the requirement of the introduction. Usually, it is the last statement of the introductory part, and here begins the main body of the research paper. In short, it is a roadmap to the arguments that you will develop throughout the essay.

Few Tips on How to Write a Thesis Statement - Academics Hub

Easily understood by audience: Write in a way that will easily be understandable by the person who is unfamiliar with the subject matter. It should tell your reader what the paper is about. Thus, avoid jargon and technical terms while constructing the thesis statement. Write a statement by keeping in mind the audience and ask yourself: IS this statement easily understandable by a person with no knowledge of the subject matter?

Write around only one idea: You may get distracted by multiple ideas that come to your mind while writing a thesis. A common mistake that students usually indulge in is to get distracted by the main idea. Don’t lose the focus of the core idea. Likewise, no need to include multiple supportive arguments in the statement. Stick to only one point.

Essential Parts of a Thesis Statement

Dissertation writing is a requirement of a bachelor’s or Master’s degree. It seems challenging to many students to write a detailed and comprehensive paper. Some may look for dissertation writing help to get their dissertation written by highly qualified scholars and researchers. Online dissertation writing help services focus on the essential parts of the thesis statement and ensure to include details on each section of the research paper. Want to know what are the essential parts of the dissertation? Below are the thesis statement parts that help you in writing a dissertation.

Start With Introduction

The first and essential thesis statement part is to start with the introduction. Introduction familiarizes the reader with the subject matter and tells them what the paper is about. Your introduction should explain the context, reasoning, and reason to select the topic.  

Try to build the interest of the reader. Provide background and summarize the research where appropriate. Think of the interesting fact and statistics that will impress your reader. The effective way is to position your approach and give an overview of the entire paper. 

 Include Theoretical Context 

The theoretical framework supports the theory of the research paper. It introduces and describes why research study exists, and it also explains the development of the research activities. While writing a theoretical framework, you need to develop theoretical context from the previous research, literature, and intuition. 

Research Implementation

Research Implementation - Academics Hub

Another essential part of the statement is the implementation of the research. When you write a thesis, describe it with strong arguments. You have to implement research by involving arguments. A compelling dissertation is one that clearly explains the research project. Data collection methods, analysis, implementation, objective of thesis and the research approach are essential parts of the research paper. 

Out of all the thesis statement parts, the essential one is the results of the study. After research implementation, you have to evaluate the results of the study. You can do it in several ways. Findings and results both show the solution to the research paper.


It is the last and essential thesis statement part that covers all the aspects of the study. The purpose is to interpret the significance of your findings. Write the discussion in the light of the research problem being investigated. Likewise, try to explain any new insight that emerged from the study of the research problem.

Seek Assistance from Dissertation Writing Help Services

Writing a thesis is a challenging task that you come across in your academic career. The majority of students experience a range of problems from choosing a topic to the research methods, from research analysis to the findings and discussions. The dissertation has a huge impact on your degree. Thus, focus on writing an effective statement. 

For your help, I have shared some writing tips on how to write a thesis statement and the essential parts of the thesis statement. But if you don’t feel confident in writing yourself, seek dissertation writing help online. Online writing help services equipped with scholars and proficient writers. The one who has vast experience in writing a dissertation. All you have to do is to send them the specifications and requirements of the research paper. Online dissertation writing help services carefully construct the thesis statement.

Some Final Thoughts

During your academic career, you are assigned to submit the thesis. The purpose is to check your understanding of the core concepts that you have studied in university life. However, it is challenging to write a thesis statement. Many students get stuck and think about how to write a thesis statement. This writing guide helps you with how to write a thesis, the effective tips, and the essential parts of the thesis statement. 

However, if you don’t want to write yourself, you can get writing help online from dissertation help services. Online experienced writers and proficient researchers with vast industry knowledge will make sure to complete your project in time.

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