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What is Web Content Writing? Complete Guide for Beginners and Pros

Let say, you have a new website and you may be wondering about how to start web content writing. You might be questioning yourself.

Where to start from?


How to write it?

It’s a big job to write content for a newly launched website or the existing one. First of all, you need to understand the difference between the pages of your websites. Your website contains static and dynamic pages. Static pages are those pages of your website where you don’t need to change the content frequently such as home Page, about us, and contact us. However, dynamic pages of your website are those that need to update frequently such as blog or podcast content.

As this blog is about web content writing so we will be going to discuss how to craft the content for your website. But, first, let me tell you what web content writing is.

What Is Web Content Writing?

It is an approach to plan, create and edit the quality content for the website. Content writers generate content that is used for content marketing and other purposes.

You may search queries on the internet for a quick answer to the question. Probably, you get the helpful information, but you may not be concerned about who generated the content; that you are reading. The information that you read on the web is the web content.

Is it that simple?

Certainly, No!

If you want the readers to spend more time on your website, you need to write engaging web content. Because most visitors hardly spend a few seconds on your website before they decide what to do next. It’s a challenging task to grab the reader’s attention with exciting and interesting web content. Well-written and optimized content gets ranking at the top of search engines and holds the reader’s attention. In short, good content gets more clicks, more shares, more backlinks, and more sales. Let us tell you the tips and tricks of how to write engaging web content.

Know Your Target Audience

It sounds simple but it’s not. If you are planning to write web content firstly think about who you are trying to reach? Ask yourself some more questions: Who is my target audience?  Or how will they find my website?

For instance, you have a women’s clothing website. Your primary audience is female but, in the future, you are planning to expand your business by launching male clothing as well. However, your secondary audience will be much broader who might need your services in the future. Thus, while crafting content in such a case, remember that your content must be accessible to both target audiences.

You have to keep questioning yourself about what kind of information they look for. Or what kind of questions your audience might ask about a topic?

The audience finds your content through different ways such as social media, email sharing, and search engines. If you want your audience to reach your website, you need to optimize your content. Write extremely informative content and optimize it for search engines by including keywords. Think about what your audience type in the search engine. Make sure to add those keywords in your headings and subheadings for better ranking.

Importance of Short Sentences and Active Voice in Web Content Writing

It is an effective writing guide to use simple and short sentences while writing content. Readers demand short sentences. Accessible and easy-to-read content will grab the reader’s attention and reach a wider audience. Keep this thing in mind that your web content writing should be easy to read for your target audience. You can check the readability score through an online readability tool before publishing your content.

Another writing guide is to use active voice instead of passive voice. Focus on using nouns and verbs and specify the subject in the sentence. For example, instead of writing ‘A dress was ordered’ write ‘A female ordered the dress’. Try to create reader-friendly sentences. Speak directly to the audience. Instead of saying ‘it can be done’ say it ‘you can do it’.

Write the Text in The Form of Bullet Points

Most readers just scan the page for some specific information they are trying to find. When they find that information they move on.

Don’t believe it?  Try to explore yourself next time when you visit any website. Do you read the whole web page from start to end? Or you just look for that piece of information that you may need. Below are the helpful writing guidelines to craft perfect web content.

  • Try to write in the form of bullet points instead of lengthy or text-heavy paragraphs.
  • Include headings and subheadings in your content.
  • Organize content in the form of labels instead of one long page of text.
  • Always leave white space around the images, text, and other elements of your webpage.

Include A Call to Action in Your Web Content Writing

If the purpose of your web content writing is conversion, then you need to include a call to action (CTA) button. Call to actions are specifically designed to get a response from the user, for instance, you want the visitor to sign up for a mailing list. You can include anything in the call to action such as you want your visitors to contact us. Or you want them to watch an interesting video.

Basically, in a call to action, you give them the reason to act. This is a good strategy to encourage readers to promote your content to their friends and family. Use the action verbs like ‘Download’, ‘Subscribe’, ‘Share’, ‘Join’ and ‘Sign up’. Include the link that allows users to take any action that you want them to perform.

Add Hyperlinks

You can direct the reader from one page to another page with the help of hyperlinks. You can hyperlink certain text or phrases to the relevant sources: especially to another page of your website. This is a good strategy to keep people engaged with your content.

Let say you have written about ‘low-fat recipes’ on your website. You can link the text ‘low fat’ to another blog post on healthy eating. If you build internal links in your own website then it will help in your SEO ranking.  Add a reasonable number of hyperlinks to your web page. Include helping and relevant links. Avoid unnecessarily overloading your text with links.

Avoid Using Jargons

If you are in a technical industry, keep in mind that the web is for everyone not just for technical experts. So, write for every customer not specifically for specialists. Add understandable information that can be accessible by the reader. If you are using niche terms, then explain them completely. You can link these terms to other articles in order to give your reader background information about that niche.

Some More Website Content Writing Guidelines

Below are some more helpful guidelines that you can use to write interesting content.

  • Add novel ideas and interesting concepts to your website to make it more attractive. The more people visit your website, the more it will rank.
  • Another amazing writing guide is to organize your topics clearly.
  • Write concise, unique, and fresh content. Search engines give preferences to unique content rather than duplicate content. So, if you want to increase your website’s visibility in the search engine, then you have to focus on writing your own content.
  • Optimize your content according to search engines. Search engines keep the record of everything from no of users who visited the website to how long they stay on every page, how often they return, and what action they perform. Therefore, it is necessary to engage your reader with quality content for a high SEO score.

Acquire SEO Content Writing Services for Quality Content

Need to write web content for your newly launched or existing website?

If you want your website to perform better and rank in the search engine, then you need to write understandable, accurate, original SEO content. In the above-mentioned writing guidelines, we have told you about the effective ways to write web content. However, you may seek assistance from online SEO content writing services.

Want to get rank at the top of search engines?

Get well-written search engine optimized content written by experts and highly qualified SEO writers. Online professional writers have good expertise in utilizing high-quality, keyword-optimized content that consistently gets organic traffic.

Few Final Thoughts

Whether you are writing content for your own website or you are crafting web content samples for freelancing. You can follow the above-mentioned web content writing tips and tricks to create quality content. However, we know that sometimes you don’t get enough time to craft the content for yourself, or maybe you are not confident enough to produce content on your own. In that case, you can seek SEO content writing services from a reliable and authentic source. Get the opportunity to rank at the top of the search engines with the help of professional and expert SEO content writers.

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