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Academics Hub: What Are The 5 Stages of Writing Process? Impact on Academic Writing

What Are the 5 Stages of Writing Process? Impact on Academic Writing

Do you know the writing process has three to five stages? It is a linear process starting from the pre-writing and ending on proofreading and editing. No matter! Whatever is the purpose of your writing, some writing process stages help you stay on track. Well! Every writer follows his or her preferences, and they follow those steps naturally. It is a step-by-step guide that writers go through: from brainstorming to publishing. An effective writing help writer manages and navigates their ideas better. Not only this, but it allows you to detangle yourself from different ideas and stay focused on the essential details.

Writing seems difficult even professional writers find It quite challenging when it comes to writing. But if you break your writing into chunks, it will be better and faster to write. Sometimes students find It difficult to write their academic papers themselves. If you are facing issues in completing your paper on time, ask for online academic writing help from experienced writers. In this blog, I have shared the writing process stages which you can learn to properly write an academic paper. But before we move further, let’s have a look at what is writing process is.

What Is Writing Process?

Let’s start from the beginning and understand what the writing process is. The process consists of the steps that we take to compose a text. Most individuals follow his or her style of writing that comes to them naturally. But there are basic stages of writing that you can learn through this blog that will help you create an effective paper that can grab your reader’s attention. Sometimes students wonder and ask why to choose a writing process. Here are some of the reasons why you need to follow the writing process stages.

  • It will help you write more quicker and better. When you break the task into chunks, it will become easier for you to write it.
  • The more you practice, the more it will refine the quality of your paper. Hence the improved writing skills.
  • When you write in steps, you can focus on the individual steps through which you can learn better and produce the quality of the work.
  • After you write, you will have a great quality paper with no grammatical errors and punctuation mistakes.

The Five Writing Process Stages

Here In this blog, I am going to share the five writing process stages that you need to follow to craft a perfect academic paper. Every step has a specific objective. For example, prewriting is about finding ideas and resources to produce an effective paper. Then comes the actual writing stage. Later in the stages, we will have to review, revise and proofread our work for worthy publishing.

Here are the stages that you need to follow for effective writing:

  • Pre-Writing
  • Drafting
  • Revision
  • Editing
  • Publishing


Are you ready for writing but stuck at the moment and thinking about where to start? Pre-writing includes everything you need to do before you make a rough draft. Some people get into writing without taking the time to plan and organize their thought that is why spending time on this step is crucial because it helps in gathering and preparing everything that you need to know before the subsequent writing. At this step, you have to conduct thorough research and brainstorm your ideas to better understand the topics and gather relevant information. Find reliable sources. You can use the information from those credible sources while writing.

Find Your Ideas: Everybody can generate ideas. All you need is to find inspiration. Whenever ideas come to your mind, note it done.  Utilize those ideas to craft a better writing piece.

Build Your Ideas: You can use two methods to brainstorm your ideas: freewriting and brainstorming. In freewriting, you have to write each idea that comes to your mind. You can also try brainstorming to visualize your ideas.

Plan and Structure: Always plan and structure your ideas. Sort your ideas and select the one you use for your story. Keep your notes with yourself even after your book is published. They may act as a seed for your next story. Immerse yourself in the engaging gameplay and captivating themes provided by 2by2 Gaming and get ready to embark on thrilling gaming adventures with every spin.


Once you are done with pre-writing, the next step is to make a draft or start writing. While writing keeps looking at your notes and the plan you have determined earlier at stage one. During the drafting process, concentrate your ideas on the paper. Not only this, you have to organize your information logically and make the topics with sufficient details for your audience. Keep the following things in mind while making a draft:

  • Put the information gathered in your own words.
  • Write the paragraphs and sentences even if they are not that perfect.
  • Read after you write and judge whether you have written it correctly or not.
  • Write until you put all your ideas into the paper.


One of the crucial parts of the writing process is revision. It is a stage where your initial draft takes proper shape because It is where you start aligning it according to the specific rules. It is a phase where you will revisit the draft and improve its quality by eliminating, modifying, and rearranging the content. While revision, you will come across the phase where you will detect areas that need more improvement. It makes your writing more accurate and reinforces your arguments better. Moreover, it requires more thinking and research to find the information you need to logically prove your thoughts. You can take a break after you have written the text. Revise your content with open eyes and ask for help from your friends and family members. You can revise your work at any time.

Editing and Proofreading

Once you have written your story, it’s time to proofread and edit it line by line. Check your content for grammatical errors, sentence structure mistakes, punctuation, redundancy, and spelling mistakes. Editing and proofreading are some of the most writing process stages that you need to put effort into. If you are not comfortable editing your paper yourself, you can hire a professional who can do this work on your behalf. Proofreading and editing ensure that your writing is coherent, clear, concise, and error-free. You can even ask for help from your colleagues, family members, and friends.


It is one of the last writing process stages. It is the stage where you have to share your piece of work with an audience. If you are publishing a blog post or article, you have to optimize it for SEO purposes. You have to add keywords, internal and external links, and image alt tags, etc. On the other hand, publishing as a guest post is entirely different. In guest post publishing, you have to stick to the publishing website’s rules before submission. Not all your writing will be taken to the publishing stage, but you can even turn a paper into your professor constitutes publishing.

Impacts of Effective Writing Process on Academic Writing

Until now, we have discussed the writing process stages. You can use these stages to produce effective writing. No matter! Whatever kind of writing you require, you can follow the above-mentioned steps to polish your writing skills. Academic writing Is a major part of the education system. Students have to write many assignments during their college and university life. The goal of every student is to achieve good grades in exams. If students utilize these steps in their academic writing process, they can impress their professors. These steps polish one’s writing skills. Thus, brigs the best results for students. Academic writing is an essential part of students’ academia. That is why they need to focus on essential writing skills to score better in their exams.

Students who don’t know how to write an academic paper look for someone who can do their work on time. If you are having difficulty in writing your academic paper, you can get writing help from professional writers having a proven track record in this field. By seeking academic writing help, you will get a high-quality and unique paper before the deadline. Not only this, academic writing help services offer affordable prices to the students so they can easily avail academic assistance at any time. Get in touch with adept and qualified writers to ace your grades.


Are you interested to learn about the writing process stages? In this blog, I have discussed in detail the five stages of the writing process that you can use to compose a perfect paper. Writing is crucial for everyone in any industry. Especially, students have to craft academic papers during their academic careers. If you want to achieve high grades in your exams, you need to learn these steps of effective writing. It starts from the pre-writing and ends at publishing. In between the stages, one has to write, revise and proofread the work. Are you worried about how to write your academic paper? Look no further! You can seek academic writing help from credible websites that offer online writing assistance to students struggling with academic pressure.

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