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Academics Hub: What Are The 5 Writing Styles? How Do They Impact Academic Writing?

What Are The 5 Writing Styles? How Do They Impact Academic Writing?

Are you looking to know the five writing styles? Becoming a writer is not that easy. It’s not as simple as putting the words on the paper. Many writing styles differ depending on the purpose of your writing. Writing is crucial in students’ academic careers. Every subject call for writing. Even you have to write arguments in mathematics.  No matter! Whatever writing task you have assigned, your writing style reflects your personality, how you distinguish yourself from others, and how to present yourself in front of your audience. Every writer has an aim and purpose that they want to achieve through their writing styles. One must keep the focus on his goal for the finest writing.

Every writing type has its importance, but academic writing has significantly more valuable in a student’s academic career. During your coursework, students get a lot of academic assignments on different topics. Academic writing improves students’ learning capacity and opens their minds. That is why your professor assigns you many academics to check your level of understanding about the subject matter. Sometimes! Your professor assigns you homework with different writing styles that seem challenging to students. Are you suffering from a situation where you can’t compose a compelling assignment? If that is a situation, you need to hire academic writing services to get a quality assignment solution.

What Are the Different Writing Styles?

Different writing styles differ depending on the purpose of the writing. Students can express their ideas and thoughts through different writing styles proficiently. The five common writing styles are persuasive, narrative, expository, descriptive, and argumentative. In this blog, I will briefly discuss the different writing styles.

Writing Styles: Persuasive Writing

Persuasive writing is a type of writing that requires careful word choice, the development of logical arguments, and a summary. It is the primary writing style used in academic papers. When an author writes in a persuasive style, they attempt to persuade the reader of a particular position or belief. Also, persuasive writing includes the author’s opinions, justifications, and evidence to support their claims. In other words, the goal of persuasive writing, also known as argumentation, is to persuade the reader to accept the author’s point of view.

Writing Styles: Narrative Writing

As the name suggests, narrative writing tells the story. In narrative writing, you have to create imaginary and real characters, and describe the story about them. You must use dialogues in narrative writing style to depict situations such as disputes, conflicts, and motivational events. Furthermore, the purpose of narrative writing is to share information in the form of a story. During college and university, your professor assigns you different narrative writing assignments. Novels, poetry, and biographies all contain a lot of narrative writing. The author puts themselves in the shoes of their characters and writes as if they are that person.

Writing Styles: Expository Writing

Expository writing is based on exposition or the description and explanation of a specific idea. It is used to explain a subject or inform about a specific topic. The goal is to educate the reader. Expository writing seeks to answer any questions a reader may have about a subject. It answers who, what, why, when, and how questions. Moreover, this writing style is used to explain a concept. Not only this, but it also shares information with a larger audience. Expository writing focuses on the facts of a particular topic by providing evidence, statistics, or results. In other words, it is used to inform and describe something to the reader. One has to introduce a topic in a logical order in expository writing without the author’s personal opinions.

Writing Styles: Descriptive Writing

Descriptive writing is most commonly used in creative writing and can be used with a narrative writing style to create scenes and settings. It is occasionally used in more formal writing to help explain an idea in greater depth or to elicit an emotional response from the reader to the storey you’re telling.

By appealing to the readers’ senses, this method helps them become more connected to the writing. When you read descriptive writing, you feel as if you are there or can see what they are describing in your mind. In descriptive writing style, metaphors, similes, and symbols are frequently used.  The author could describe the scene using all five senses. Descriptive writing gives the writer far more artistic freedom than expository writing.

Writing Styles: Argumentative Writing

People usually confuse argumentative and persuasive writing. The main difference in both writing styles is persuasive writing consisting of heartfelt appeal and opinions, whereas argumentative style is more about scientific studies and statistics. Argumentative writing has the following elements.

  • In argumentative writing, one has to give researched facts from credible sources.
  • It is a formal writing style, mainly the third person.
  • Also, in this writing style, you have to give claims to convince the reader.

In argumentative writing, you have to take a stand on a particular issue or topic and then explain and support your stance with research from reliable and credible sources.

How Do Different Writing Styles Impact Academic Writing?

When completing assignments in academia, there are five primary styles of writing that are frequently required. These are descriptive, argumentative, narrative, persuasive, and expository. It is critical that you understand not only how to use each style, but also when to use them and how to recognize when you are being asked to use them. Academic writing requires a distinct style that is distinct from other forms of written communication. Using an academic writing style entails more than just selecting the right words; it also entails presenting your ideas and arguments in a coherent, accessible, and well-evidenced manner.

During college or university life, you get assigned different academic tasks. You have been asked to submit various assignments based on different writing styles. Dealing with various writing styles can help you improve your academic writing. By learning different writing styles, one can polish their academic writing skills.

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Writing is a significant part of a student’s academia. During academic life, students get a lot of writing assignments. Your professor might ask you to submit an assignment on different writing styles. The common writing styles are persuasive, argumentative, narrative, descriptive, and expository. Earlier in this blog, I have discussed five writing styles. You can learn about those five writing styles through this blog. Indeed, different writing styles help students in improving their academic writing skills. Many students find it hard to complete their writing assignments. If you are struggling to compose your assignment, you need to seek assignment help from academic writing services. Online professional assignment writing services help students in providing high-quality assignment solutions. Get in touch with a reliable academic homework help website to ace your grades. 

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