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Academics Hub: What is Abstract Writing? Types, Writing Style & Tips to Improve Results

What is Abstract Writing? Types, Writing Style & Tips to Improve Results

Abstract writing is an important section of thesis writing. An abstract is a summary of the research paper (published or unpublished). It is a summary of the longer work such as a thesis or research paper. The purpose of abstract writing is to tell the reader about the outcome of your research. In other words, it is a concise summary of the research paper or entire thesis or dissertation. Students in the final semester have to submit a dissertation as a final project to their professors. A well-written abstract summary tells the reader about the essence of the thesis.

Getting good grades in exams is crucial to students and the final year thesis has a big contribution to their academic scores. Writing a thesis seems difficult to students. They are stuck while writing abstracts because it is a concise statement that should be compelling enough to grab your reader’s attention. They find it challenging to sum up all the necessary points concisely in the form of a well-written abstract summary. Are you troubled about writing an abstract for your thesis or dissertation? Don’t panic! Your abstract is a stand-alone summary of the work used as an overview of your dissertation. The abstract writing aims to describe what you do in your research. If you are looking for writing an abstract for a dissertation, you need to seek help from an online abstract writing service provider.

What is Abstract Writing?

An abstract is a crucial component of your dissertation. It is added at the beginning of your thesis and a first substantive description of your work. Through abstract writing, you can present all the major elements of your work in a highly condensed form. The components of the abstract vary depending upon the discipline. A well-written abstract serves multiple purposes:

  • It lets the reader get the essence of your paper. It helps the reader to decide whether to read the entire paper or not.
  • Powerful abstract writing helps readers to pick the key points in your research.
  • A high-quality abstract summary prepares readers to follow the detailed information, arguments, and analysis in your paper.

When you publish your thesis paper, search engine and bibliographic databases use abstract as a key term for indexing your paper. So, what you include in your abstract helps others to find your research paper or dissertation.

During your academic career, your professor may assign you to write an abstract for your research paper. Your professor might tell you about the specific guidelines and what to include in your paper. Follow those guidelines for powerful abstract writing.

Abstract Writing Types

There are several abstract writing types. But the two main writing types are descriptive and informative.

Descriptive Abstract Writing

Descriptive abstract writing outlines the topic covered that convinces them to read the entire thesis or research paper. In other words, descriptive writing is like a table of content in the form of paragraphs. Unlike the informative abstract, it does not capture the content of the piece nor does it cover the main goal of the abstract that the informative abstract does. It indicates the types of information found in the work. This is one of the abstract writing types that makes no judgment about the work, nor does it give the conclusion of the research. Furthermore, it may consist of the purpose, scope, and method of research. Essentially, it only describes the work being summarized. Descriptive writing is shorter in length and considered as an outline of the work rather than a summary.

Informative Abstract Writing

It is one of the writing types that provide detail about the piece of writing. It gives the reader detailed information. That is why sometimes people only rely on informative abstracts for information purposes. The majority of the abstracts are informative, and the researcher presents the arguments and main points in this type of writing. Informative abstract writing consists of the purpose of the study, the method used, and the scope of the study. Not only this, but it also contains the results of the study and the recommendation of the author. The length of the informative abstract depends on the discipline.

Abstract Writing Styles

If you want to capture the reader’s interest, you need to summarize your text concisely and briefly in the form of a compelling abstract. A well-written abstract tells the reader what the paper is about and what the reader can anticipate finding from it. An abstract written as a concise piece of paper helps readers decide whether to read the paper or not. There is no difference in abstract writing styles and types. A descriptive abstract is used to explain the purpose, goal, and method of your research, but it leaves out the result section. It typically includes 100-150 words.

On the other hand, an informative abstract is a condensed version of your paper. An informative abstract consists of an overview of the research including the results. It is longer than descriptive abstracts. It can vary from a single paragraph to one page. The basic difference between both writing styles is that the informative abstract includes the result and is longer.

Effective Abstract Writing Tips

Here are the effective writing tips on how to write a powerful abstract. Follow these writing tips to get the compelling paper that impresses your professor.

Write Your Paper First

Even though an abstract is written at the beginning of the paper. It acts as a summary of the paper. It is an overview of a paper. A thesis or an abstract is entirely different. A thesis paper defines the idea of the paper whereas the abstract is a concise summary of the entire paper. You should save the writing abstract for the last. Firstly, write the whole paper and at the end, produce the abstract summary of the paper. Even if you know what your paper is about. Always save your abstract for last. This way, you will be able to give a more accurate summary of the paper.

Understand the Requirements of Your Abstract

It is one of the crucial abstract writing tips. The paper that you get assigned by your professor has specific guidelines and instructions. Before you start writing an abstract summary, refer to those guidelines. Keep in mind the following things:

  • The minimum and a maximum length of the summary
  • Style requirement for abstract summary
  • Are you writing for publications or instructors?

Determine the Types of Abstract You Must Write

Although, all the abstract writing types accomplish the same goal. But there are two main writing styles: descriptive and abstract. You may assign a specific style but if you are not, choose the style that best suits you. Usually, the descriptive abstract is used for shorter research papers while the informative abstract is used for longer and technical research work.

Explain the Problem

It is one of the focal writing tips. The abstract is written to explain the problem at hand. Determine which problem in your research and try to understand. Examine what is the scope of study and its claims and arguments.

Write It from Scratch

Your abstract should be separate from the entire paper. While writing an abstract for a dissertation make sure to write it from the scratch. Don’t copy-paste the content from somewhere else. Instead, write in your own words. Try to write it with new vocabulary and phrases to keep it unique and interesting.

Get the Online Abstract Writing Assistance from Professionals

Are you struggling with your academic project? Do you need a helper to get your work done promptly? You can surely get online assistance from the pool of professional writers. The online dissertation writing services help students in completing their tasks. If you don’t have time to complete your task, you can seek online help from adept researchers and industry experts. The online researchers with vast experience in the related field will craft your research paper. What could be better than getting professional help to ace your grades?

We understand students in the final semester come across many assignments because it is the end of their academic journey. They lack time management for multiple disciplines, coursework, quizzes, assignments, and exams. They hardly get time to research on their dissertation or research paper. That is why they look for someone who can do their work on time. If you are not comfortable writing an abstract for a dissertation, get help from a skilled researcher.


Abstract writing is a crucial section of the dissertation or research paper. It is a concise summary of what the whole paper is about. It is a crucial element of a dissertation paper or a research paper. In this blog, I have discussed what abstract writing is. Also, I have discussed its writing types, writing styles, and effective writing tips. Firstly, understand the styles and types of the abstract summary. Follow these tips and guidelines to write a perfect summary for your paper. If you don’t have time and sufficient knowledge to write it for yourself, get online help from experienced and qualified writers to improve your grades.

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