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How Do I Solve Algebra Problems? Basic Rules & Math Homework Help

Are you struggling with how to solve algebra problems? Are you stuck while solving mathematical problems? Well, we understand that many students find it difficult to solve mathematical problems especially, algebraic problems. Undoubtedly, math is a crucial subject for all students. Either you are in elementary school or doing your master’s, almost every student finds it challenging to compose math homework. Not only for academic purposes but it is also used in our day-to-day routine. Without the basics of math, we won’t be able to calculate different numerical data and make the right decisions. Math not only contains addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division rules. It also consists of various formulas, theorems, and methods. That is why students look for online math homework help services to get their work done. If you are in trouble, you can seek guidance from math helpers

What is Algebra?

Algebra is a branch of mathematics that deals with mathematical operations and symbols. These symbols do not have any value and are known as variables. In our real-life problems, we often come across certain values that keep on changing. There is a constant need to change these values. In algebra, we represent these values with x, y, z, p, q, etc. These symbols are known as variables. Furthermore, these symbols are manipulated through different mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, for instance, in the equation 3x*5=15. * is an operator and x being a variable. 3 is a coefficient, 5 and 15 is a constant.

How to Solve Algebra Problems?

Algebra is a powerful application of mathematics. It is used to solve real-life problems. Many students don’t feel comfortable solving real-life problems.  Instead, they feel comfortable with their algebraic skills. Here are how students can solve algebra problems.

Read the problem carefully and decide what x represents: This is one of the easiest steps. If the question asks for William’s age in 2028, then let x be the age of William in 2028. If Problems asks for the distance between car A and car B, then let x be the distance between both cars. Don’t get confused at this step. It is that easy.

Define all other variables in terms of x: Let’s say if William’s brother is 5 years older than him, then the age of his brother would be x+5 in the year 2028.

Write an equation to put all the numbers together: You have to focus on this step. In this step your focus should be on the wording of the algebra problem. For instance, if we know the sum of the age of William and his brother is 70, then we could write x+(x+5) = 70 in the year 2028.

And If William’s age in 2028 is 5/6 of his brother’s age, then we could write x=5/6*(x+5).

Solve the equation: In this step, break down the equation and solve the equation you created in step 3. If you have defined x correctly, you are done with the solution at this point. 

Example of An Algebraic Problem

Here is an example that clearly explains how to solve algebra problems.

The sum of the three consecutive multiples of 5 is 115, which is the middle number.

  1. Let’s assume x as a middle number.
  2. In this problem, we have three consecutive numbers that are multiples of 5 so, that means that the first number is five less than x and the third number is live more than x.
  3. We know that the sum of the three numbers is 115, so we can write it as (x-5) +x+(x+5) = 115
  4. (x-5) +x+(x+5) = 115

3x= 115

X= 38

That’s it the middle number is 38

Step by Step Guide on How to Solve Algebra Problems

Here is the step-by-step guide on how to solve algebra problems.

Write down the problem: The first step is to write down a problem and steps. Steps make it easier for professors to check your solution.

BODMAS: The acronym BODMAS is something that you should use whenever you work with equations. BODMAS is an acronym that stands for brackets, orders, division, multiplication, addition, and subtraction. While solving any math problem, apply the BODMAS rule.

Brackets: In any equation solve the brackets first.Multiply the numbers outside the brackets by each of the integers inside.

Order: You have to solve the number involving powers and square roots. When dealing with the powers and square roots, the exponent and the little number tells you how many times the big number is multiplied by itself. For instance, 32 means 3*3=9, and 23 means 2*2*2=8.

Divide and multiply: According to the BODMAS rule,after solving brackets and orders, you have to solve division and multiplication accordingly.

Addition and subtraction: Lastly, solve the addition and subtraction inthe equation. In algebra, we do this to combine the terms.

Final Solution: After all the above-mentioned steps, you will be able to solve the questions.

What are the Basic Rules of Algebra?

Here are the basic rules of algebra.

  • Commutative Rule of Addition
  • Commutative Rule of Multiplication
  • Associative Rule of Addition
  • Associative Rule of Multiplication
  • Distributive Rule of Multiplication

Cumulative Rule of Addition:  It is one of the basic rules of the algebra that states when we add two terms, the order of addition does not matter. For example, a+b= b+a or 3+5=5+3.

Commutative Rule of Multiplication:  It is an algebraic rule that states when we multiply two terms, the order of these terms, does not matter. For example, a*b= b*a or 3*5=5*3. BOD

Associative Rule of Addition: In algebra, this rule states that when three or more terms are added, the order does not matter. For instance, a + (b + c) = (a + b) + c or 3+(2+4) = (3+2) +4.

Associative Rule of Multiplication: It is an algebraic rule that states when we multiply three terms or more, the order of these terms does not matter. a × (b × c) = (a × b) × c or 3*(2*4) = (3*2) *4.

Distributive Rule of Multiplication:  This is one of the basic rules of the algebra that you can easily learn. This rule states that when we multiply the single number with the sum of two, it equals the sum of their products with the number individually. For instance, a × (b + c) = (a × b) + (a × c) or 2 × (3 + 5) = (2 × 3) + (2 × 5).

Math Homework Help Online to Solve Algebra Problems

Math homework help is one of the most demanded ones in academic life. Mathematics is a crucial subject of our life, and every student needs to learn it. But it is not simple. It consists of formulas, theorems, and equations that can be difficult for the students if they lack an interest in math. Thus, students waste their quality time and end up getting poor grades in exams. If you are dealing with a similar issue, you can seek assistance from online math helpers. The online experts with a proven track record in the industry will solve your problems.

Some algebra problems take time to solve. Students in their college and university life face difficulty managing their homework due to the pressure of other assignments. Moreover, some math assignments contain theorems and equations. That seems tedious to students. They look for someone who can do their homework on time. Don’t worry! The online math helpers take pride in delivering accurate solutions within the given deadlines.

I Need A Math Helper to Solve Algebra Problems

It is a common query by the students. Mostly, students search for do my math homework to get their work done by professionals. It requires a lot of time and effort to do the math homework. That is why they place do my math homework requests. You may even want to seek online math homework help to improve your grades. Even if you are good at math, you might be worried about your math homework because of short deadlines. In any case, students request the homework help services to do their homework on their behalf. There is no shame in getting online help if you lack the time or don’t have sufficient knowledge to solve the math problems. So, if you are struggling with the math assignments, seek homework help from expert math helpers who put their full efforts to help you score desire grades.

Few Final Words

If you are a college or university student, you must be troubled with difficult math problems. Especially when it comes to solving algebra problems, they might get stressed. Students questions themselves: can get the math homework help? Is there anyone who can help me to solve my algebra problem? In this blog, I have shared how you can solve algebra problems. You can learn from the step-by-step guidelines mentioned above. I also discussed the basic rules of algebra. Refer to them while solving your math homework. Still, if you are not confident in doing your work for yourself, you can seek math homework help from expert math helpers.

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