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SEO Friendly Product Description Writing Tips That Sells. Creative Services

What do you think how much product description writing impacts your business sales? Think about a customer on your website page looking for a product that fulfils his/ her needs. What factors convince him/ her to purchase that product or click the add to cart button. Certainly! Effective product description writing.

Effective product description writing plays an important role in online shopping, where your main objective is to convert a user into a customer. However, description writing holds a powerful impact on your sales. But it is hard to write a compelling product description. Many creative product descriptions writing service providers assist in writing an engaging product description that sells.

Want to lead your customers through the marketing funnel? Well! You can do it with the help of a good product description. A good product description explains what the product does and why should someone buy that product.? A well-written and SEO-friendly product description is a vital tool to achieve sales level.

Benefits of SEO friendly description - Academics Hub

If you want to make your product description more engaging and exciting, you need to add creativity to your descriptive writing. And of course, how can we forget about the benefits of SEO. An SEO-friendly product description is fundamental to achieve a great user experience, a good amount of traffic, and a better conversion rate. Let’s discuss in detail the tips and tricks of how to write SEO-friendly product descriptions.

Use Persuasive Language 

According to the study, Persuasive wordings can convert the user into a customer. Words do have a strong impact on the reader’s mind. An effective product description writing tip is to be transparent and honest while writing a product description. However, being honest does not mean to mention the product’s flaws rather you have to focus on the strengths of your products. Motivate and persuade the readers with your wordings.

When the user reads the product description, words allow the user to understand the nature of the product. You have to provide value to the readers to convince them to buy a specific product.

For instance, if you own a clothing brand and you are writing a product description of one of your cloth. Do not just explain the product as ‘excellent quality’ rather explain why it is excellent. Hence, you have to be specific while describing the nature of the product. You can use persuasive words such as ‘the material that we use is organic and handknitted.’

Use Concise Language And Be Informative

An effective product description writing tip is to use easy and concise language. Add bullet points at the bottom of the descriptive writing. Include clear and informative details in the bullet points. It will be easier for the reader to scan the important information. Add relevant and necessary content.  Avoid adding unessential content in the product description. It will distract the reader’s attention.

Another writing tip is to write informative content rather than describing it. Search engines value the informative content which focuses on the potential benefits of the product. Thus, do not describe your product as ‘most selling’,’ high quality’, ‘most demanding’. It will show as if you are doing self-promotion instead try to use a neutral tone by discussing the core features.

Tell A Story

A good product description writing tip is to give relevant details to the users about the product. The question arises: How do you do it? Well! You can do it by filling gaps that the target audience might have about the product. Hence, try to answer the following questions when telling a story:

  • Who made this product?
  • Who are my potential buyers? 
  • How would they perceive the product?
  • What is their purchasing/ buying behavior?

SEO Friendly Product Description Writing

A well-written SEO-friendly product description is essential for any e-commerce store. However, we do not just write content for the users but the search engines. Search engines crawl the content throughout the web. Google algorithm can scan the content of each page. Thus, if your page does not have that information that the user is looking for. It could be a loss of a great opportunity. Therefore, you have to focus on providing the valuable information that the user is searching for. 

SEO Friendly Product Description Writing - Academics Hub

If your site contains all the necessary information, there might be higher chances of conversion. Try to include the long-tail keywords in your content. It will help a page to rank for additional keywords outside the main keyword. Moreover, use those keywords that have a higher search volume. While writing product descriptions, make sure to consider both short and long-tail keywords. Spread the relevant words throughout the content in a natural way without keyword stuffing.

Avoid Creating Duplicate Content

Another SEO-friendly practice is to avoid duplicate content. Search engines do not like duplicate content. When a google update comes, it will badly hit those sites that create duplicate content. If you are rearranging and swapping up lines of someone else’s content in the product description writing, it will also be considered similar content. Moreover, it will be hard for the google algorithm to identify which page is producing original content. Thus, the healthy practice is to create original and unique content. 

Uniqueness in the content is the best creative writing tip. Do not copy the description of your competitors. Search engines are smart enough to examine that the content is copied from another website. In short, a tip for creative writing is to get inspiration from others sites and produce your content from scratch.

Usage of Keywords in Product Description Writing

Try to use keywords in your content strategically. Below are few points that you need to follow for effective product description writing:

  • Avoid keyword stuffing.
  • Use relevant content keywords throughout the content.
  • Include keywords in the main heading/ title, subheadings, and in the body text.
  • Optimize images of the products by renaming them with the keywords.

Few More Product Description Writing Tips and Tricks

You can follow the below-mentioned tips and tricks for a well-optimized and SEO-friendly product description.

  • Keep your target audience in your mind while crafting a product description.
  • You have to write for both the audience and the search engine. A well-written, keyword-optimized content works for both.
  • An effective description writing is the one that reflects your brand voice.
  • Include a call to action while creating content.
  • Your product description should fulfill your customer’s desires and overcome their hesitation.
  • Try to use creative and technical writing.
  • Use less competitive and high searched frequency keywords.
  • Use a catchy and appealing tone to attract your customers.

Benefits of SEO Friendly Description

Your e-commerce store needs to stand out from the crowd. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt SEO-friendly practices to rank high in search engines. Below are some of the benefits of SEO-friendly product description writing.

  • Higher ranking in search engine results pages.
  • Your search engine visibility will increase.
  • SEO-friendly practices boost the traffic to your site. Which results in higher engagement and conversions.
  • Your brand awareness will increase in the market.

Creative Product Description Writing Services for High Conversions

Why not write the content yourself?

Well! You might be a business owner, and your time is valuable. As it takes a lot of time to write an effective product description, so why not take help from creative writing services. The online writers have great expertise in writing the compelling product description that sells.

Additionally, professional SEO content writers write a well-optimized product description that ranks high in search engines and catches your audience’s attention. With the help of creative writing services, your brand recognition will increase, and your conversion rates will improve as well.

What Do Creative Writing Services Offer?

What do creative writing services offer - Academics Hub

The online creative writing service providers write and proofread the product description to create high-quality content. They write in such a way that will persuade your readers to buy that product. They create the brand identity of your business through their creative writing skills. What else do you need? Get benefit from this amazing opportunity to write the creative product description from experienced SEO writers. Below are some of the benefits that you can seek from online product description writing services:

  • Get well-optimized content with keywords.
  • The writers check the grammar, flow, and spelling mistakes of the creative product description after they write it.
  • You will get the creative product description for multi niches. They acquire knowledge of multiple industries. 
  • The online creative writing services include a call to action to increase conversions.


Well-optimized product description writing is a powerful tool for your business. Keep the content simple and optimize it for a search engine to increase your search visibility. Include the keywords in your content and try to be realistic. Furthermore, provide an informative product description to the end customers.

Write SEO-friendly product descriptions that highlight the core benefits of your business and engage your target audience. You can follow these tips to write a compelling description: to engage your audience. But in case, you don’t have time to write a product description: you may seek assistance from the creative product description writing services.

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