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What are the Five Key Public Relations Functions? PR Assignment Help Online

Public relations or ‘PR’ is a method that companies use to communicate with stakeholders: such as customers, the public, employees, stockholders, government, suppliers, and the interested members of the community. A public image is an asset for any company. Public relations are used to influence the media and to build a mutually beneficial relationship with the public.

A PR specialist uses strategies to increase the brand image and to build a relationship with the audience. Simply, it is a method of managing a release and communicating with the public about organizational-related information. Companies often question themselves: what information should we release, how to draft that information, how it should be released, and what media should we use to release that information.

Simply, it’s two-way communication between the company and the public. Small organizations handle their PR themselves, while larger companies hire PR specialists to increase their corporate image. Apart from all the discussions, students choose PR as their major subject. They have to write Public relations assignments to get good scores in their academic career. However, writing a PR assignment is not as easy as it seems. One must have the industry knowledge and expertise to craft an excellent assignment that gets noticed. Thus, students ask themselves who will do my PR assignment? Well! You can acquire online help from experts.

Uses of the Public Relations

The public is any group that influences a company’s ability to achieve objectives. Effective public relations can benefit a company in many ways. PR helps the public to think about the company’s offerings. The public uses different tools such as news releases, press releases, press conferences, and community service programs to build public relations. The objective of PR is to generate goodwill for the company. 

Companies might question themselves why PR? No matter either you own a small business, medium scale business, or large enterprise, PR is an essential tool for any business. Here are some of the uses of PR.

  • PR is used to create press relations, and it is more credible than the other form of marketing.
  • It helps the company to communicate with the internal and external audience.
  • It can be used to publicize the products and services of the company.
  • You will get extensive media coverage from PR, and it would be more fruitful for your company than the marketing and advertising.

Few Public Relations Example 

Here are few PR campaigns examples:

  • Back in 2014, when the Ebola virus broke out and started spreading. Google launched a public relations campaign to collect donations. Through this campaign, google got so much popularity, and its public image started to increase more and more. Plus, it has also collected extensive donations.
  • Just-eat is a food delivery service company that delivers food to customers. In this food delivery company, people publicly talk to the delivery person in comments for order placement. A few years ago, when a sick customer asked the delivery boy to buy the medicine on his way to deliver food. The delivery person bought the medicines and delivered them to the customer’s doorstep. It went viral, and the company got a good reputation.
  • In response to the tragic Paris attack that happened in 2015, Facebook showed support by adding a filter of the Paris flag on the profile photos. Millions of people appreciated this effort of Facebook-supported France, and the hashtag went viral #‎JeSuisParis. 

Key Public Relations Functions

In this blog, we are going to discuss the five key public relations functions. Here are five key public relations functions:

  • Social media engagement
  • Community relations
  • Employee relations
  • Financial public relations
  • Government/ political relations

Social Media Engagement 

It is an important Public relations function that consists of social media and audience engagement. Social media is an effective and powerful medium to build and maintain a relationship with the audiences and communities. Companies learn, adapt, and improve the ability to communicate with the audience through social media.

Companies develop the connection with the media, public, and target audience. Sometimes competitor’s campaigns create a negative vibe about the brand. Therefore, it is essential to build a positive relationship with the public. Public and media relations include:

  • News issuance to an external audience
  • To establish and maintain relationships with the mass media
  • Publicity handling
  • Tracking the media coverage
  • To handle the responses from mass media

Community Relations

What do you think is community relations?  

Community relations is another crucial public relation function that companies use to establish a relationship with communities. A business must be responsible for the community it operates in. In this competitive market, companies use community relations to get the edge over their rivals. Moreover, the main objective of the PR is to boost the brand image into the public.

Community relations can raise your profile in public and enhance your goodwill in the community. Those companies that are involved in community affairs build a great public image and boost the employee’s morale. Additionally, companies get recognition from society as good community citizens; when they support the programs that improve the quality of life in the community. Thus, such activities benefit both the company and the public.

Employees Relations

Employee relations is another public relations function that helps to build the relationship between employers and employees. It focuses on the relationships of the company’s management with its employees in the workplace. It is a most important function because it is associated with the internal audience. Employees are assets for any company. Companies must have to create employee goodwill to maintain a loyal workforce. A good employee relationship aligns the workforce with the goals and objectives of the company. In short, it will lead towards a better corporate culture and community.

Financial Public Relations

Financial PR includes those individuals and institutions to whom the company is dealing financially, such as creditors, shareholders, investors, bankers, and financial analysts. The company must have to communicate with them about the company’s financial plans. It is a public relations function necessary for the valuation of the stock and the organization’s image.

Stakeholders meetings and annual reports are essential tools to maintain financial relations. Some companies hold annual meetings while others hold semi-annual or quarterly meetings depending on the requirements.

Government/ Political Relations

Government relations is how organizations interact with the governmental public. In order to carry out the operation smoothly, companies need to establish a good relationship with the local government. In political relations, companies have to represent themselves with regards to the fulfilment of the policies: such as corporate social responsibility, fair competition, employee protection, and consumer protection.

Public Relations Homework Help

Up till now, we have discussed the uses and functions of public relations. We have mentioned how public relations help in communication with an internal and external audience. In university life, students choose PR as a major subject. Professors assign them PR assignments to understand the subject matter. However, Assignment writing is not an easy task, especially when you have to make public relations assignments. Plus, you have to devote an ample amount of time to research to craft a PR assignment. 

Public relations are all about establishing and maintaining relationships with the: media, public, consumers, employees, government, etc. It requires a lot of research and in-depth study to write public relations assignments. However, due to the hectic routine, students are unable to meet the deadlines. A question often comes to student’s minds: From where can I take PR assignment help? Well! You can take online help from any assignment writing service provider. Public relations assignment helpers have great expertise and industry knowledge that will help in saving your valuable time.

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Final Words

Public relations are an activity to communicate with the various stakeholders such as customers, government, employees, community, and different interest groups. The field is quite different from marketing and advertising. However, the uses and functions of PR have great importance. We have already mentioned earlier in this blog the five key public relations functions.

It is a vast field, and many students choose public relations as a major subject. But due to the tough academic routine, they end up spending very little time on their assignments. Hence, they may seek PR assignment help online from any assignment writing help providers. Online writing services provide high-quality academic tasks in time without compromising on quality.

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