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What Is the Purpose of a Dissertation Proposal? Thesis Writing Guide

A dissertation proposal provides the overview of your proposed plan of work, and it helps to determine what you have to examine. A dissertation proposal is a necessary part of your thesis writing. It tells the reader about the aim and object of your research, the scope of your project, research methodology, your fundamental research question, and the overall significance of your study. In short, the purpose of the proposal is to explain what you want to study, why you need to study this topic, and how you will study. It also explains where your study will take place and when you intend to do this work.

A dissertation proposal covers a range of points:

  • The research question(s) that the proposed study seeks to answer
  • The data and the methodology used.
  • The time of the research
  • The previous research in the field
  • The financial cost of conducting the research

The primary purpose of your thesis proposal is to show your supervisors or members of the dissertation committee the research that you have conducted. And to showcase that the dissertation research will add value to the existing knowledge in the area of your study. Are you worried about the dissertation writing? If you don’t know how to write a proposal, seek help from the thesis proposal writing service providers.

What Is a Dissertation Proposal?

Thesis writing is a compulsory academic assignment. It’s a long piece of academic writing that consists of various sections. The first step of the thesis writing is the topic, also known as the dissertation title. After that, you have to make a research question. It is where the dissertation proposal comes in. A dissertation proposal explains in detail the research question you are going to analyse. It also demonstrates how you will plan to conduct the primary and secondary research. The thesis proposal also includes the reading that you have done or any discussion with your supervisor. It also covers the expected limitation in your dissertation research and the reason for your selection of data samples.

A dissertation proposal usually consists of the following:

  • Introduction of the dissertation proposal
  • The main body includes the following:
  • Methodology
  • Timeframe
  • Aims and objectives
  • Research limitation
  • Ethical consideration
  • Conclusion

Purpose of Dissertation Proposal

The dissertation proposal is a way to explain the significance of your project to the organization that wishes to fund or support it. Clearly, the thesis proposal demonstrates the importance and quality of your project and shows your ability to conduct the research.

A dissertation or thesis proposal is designed to:

  • Justify and plan the research project
  • Demonstrate that you understand how to conduct in-depth research within the limited time frame.
  • It showcases how your project contributes to existing research.

The primary purpose of any dissertation proposal is to convince the sponsoring institute that your research is worthy. The document usually aims to address the following aspects:

Context: Showcase that you are familiar with the research field. Demonstrate that you know the context and have a deep understanding of the literature.

Relevancy: Try to convince your reader that the dissertation research is interesting, original, and essential for the field you are working on.

Approach: Explain your thoughts and show your data and methodology is well.

Feasibility: Demonstrate the practical side of your work and show that the research is feasible in the timeframe and within the program limits.

Why is a Dissertation Proposal necessary?

A dissertation proposal is an essential part of thesis writing. The dissertation proposal guides in writing the main body of the thesis. A thesis proposal is a document in which students clearly state their ideas and plan their final year project. There are many reasons because of which dissertation writing is necessary. Some of them are listed below:

  • Writing a thesis proposal helps the professor understand that the students have some unique ideas that need to be researched. 
  • It makes them capable of doing in-depth study and research.
  • Also, students can show their professor that they can conduct a comprehensive, effective and knowledgeable research study.
  • It also helps students to do work on their final year project.

All these reasons make dissertation proposal writing significant for students. Hence, dissertation proposal writing is important, and it is compulsory for those pursuing their academic degrees. Without submitting a thesis, students are not eligible to get their degrees. But before writing a final year thesis, professors ask students to provide them with the dissertation proposal to get the information of what they have planned for their final year thesis project.

Guidelines of How to Write a Thesis

Research begins with a question. Think about which topic seems interesting to you what you would like to know more about the topic. Think about which topic you have studied in the program that does not adequately answer your question. After you draw the question in your mind, look for relevant information on the topic and its theoretical framework. Moreover, gather the necessary data from authentic sources. Read journals, articles, academic research, trade literature, press release content, and collect the information from the internet.

After you have done research on the topic and gained sufficient knowledge about the topic, you should suggest the purpose of the thesis/ dissertation. After that, you will be able to articulate the dissertation proposal. A thesis contains the purpose of study, the significance of the study, research question, literature review, theoretical framework hypothesis, methodology, data collection, data analysis, and bibliography.  Below is a writing guide that will help you to write a thesis:

Purpose and Significance of the Study

The first chapter demonstrates the purpose of the study and the significance of the study. Students have to communicate how the dissertation research contributes to the knowledge in their discipline.

Literature review

After you explain the purpose of the study, you have to suggest a theoretical framework that has to be explained further in this chapter. The literature review describes the previous research on the topic, and it led to the development of the research question or hypothesis.


This chapter describes the methods used for data gathering. Also, it focuses on how you analyse the data. In this section, you have to describe the methods you have chosen and cite the reference literature of that method. Give every detail of the data gathering and data analysis process. However, the chapter varies and depends on the data gathering methods used. 


This chapter discusses data analysis only. It does not discuss further any literature or implication of your findings. Begin mentioning the descriptive/exploratory analysis that was conducted. Use tables and figures to illustrate and summarize the numerical information. Also, address the results of the hypothesis.


This chapter discusses the relation of your findings with the theoretical body of knowledge. It is an important chapter of thesis writing, but some students skip it. It has to be addressed because it answers the important question ‘So What?’ Also, this chapter outlines the limitations of the study. Lastly, a good and well-written dissertation ends with a conclusion that summarizes the whole paper.

Get the Help from Dissertation Proposal Writing Services

Thesis writing is a primary requirement in a university. During the final semester, professors assign students a lengthy dissertation or thesis to get exposure to the research. Undoubtedly, dissertation writing makes you a good critical thinker and problem solver. It requires a lot of research, knowledge, thinking skills, and resources to write the final year dissertation paper. Professors ask students to submit a dissertation proposal before writing a final thesis to check what they are planning to do in their final dissertation work.  However, dissertation proposal writing is not easy. Students find it quite challenging to write a proposal.  They look for someone who can help them and get them out of this problem.

Thesis proposal writing is a time-consuming task. However, many online thesis proposal writing service providers are available online who assist final year students in composing their work. Many students struggle when it comes to submitting the proposal on time. Are you facing the same issue? Need a writing guide to get your work done? Seek help from the thesis proposal writing service providers. The online professional writers with the industry expertise and proven track record in dissertation writing are available online who are working day and night to meet the requirements of the clients


The dissertation proposal provides the scope of the research, purpose of the study, plan of work, research question, hypothesis, and significance of the study.  The dissertation proposal has immense importance in students’ academic journey. Before the final submission of the thesis, one has to submit the dissertation proposal. It explains the plan of your study, the significance of the study, and how the study helps you in an academic discipline.

Although! Thesis writing is a crucial requirement of an academic career. Many students fail to submit it on time. It is a time-consuming project that demands analytical skills, research skills, knowledge, and writing skills. If you are not confident in writing yourself, you can seek assistance from thesis proposal writing service providers. The online skilled and proficient researchers will craft your paper according to the university guidelines.

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