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Academics Hub: What Is Management Process and Functions? Management Assignment Writing Help

What Is Management Process and Functions? Management Assignment Writing Help

Do you want to know what a management process is and what its functions? Are you worried about your pending management assignment? Well! Management is a discipline that encompasses a variety of disciplines that impact trade and commerce. The subject consists of marketing, accounting, human resource, finance, and compliance. That is why it is being taught in academic institutions to build knowledge regarding commercial practices, industry norms, and organizational behaviour. Nowadays! Universities are focusing on providing high-quality exposure through real-life business scenarios through different academic assignments.

In this blog, I will be discussing the management process and management functions in detail. Management is a process that brings human and material resources together to motivate people to achieve organizational goals. It is a process that consists of goal setting, planning, and controlling. Not only this, but it also comprises the interrelated operations essential to achieve the desired organization’s goal. Students struggle when it comes to writing management assignments. You can seek management assignment writing help from professional writers and can impress your professors. Before we move further, let’s discuss what the management process is and the functions of management.

What is The Management?

Management is a business subject related to the study of the principles and practices of the administration. It comprises rules and strategies of managing a company and what actions managers should take to effectively manage resources. The manager of an organization can uses many methods and ways to run the company affairs and move the company forward. Indeed, it is a subject that is being studied in every academic institution. It is a discipline that focuses on the coordination, direction, individuals, and resources to achieve the targeted results. Good management brings growth in an organization in which organizational resources are used efficiently and effectively to achieve the firm’s objectives.

The management process emphasizes the fact that regardless of the skills, the manager has to engage in certain interrelated activities to achieve their desired organizational goals. Managers have to divide interrelated functions to get things done by others. The sole purpose of the management process is to increase the client base of a company, develop the knowledge, skills, the capacity of the employees, and meet the specific sales target. Managers have to set plans to achieve those targeted goals.

What Is Management Process?

The management process is a series of interrelated functions by which management develops, operates, and directs the organization. Management is a process that includes planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. All these activities are performed to determine and accomplish the objectives with the help of human beings and other resources. The management process has these following three aspects:

Management is a Social Process: Human relationship is the most significant factor in the management process. Management has to develop a relationship with human beings because interaction with people is necessary to achieve organizational goals. It won’t be wrong if we say that management not only involves the control and use of financial resources, it is a social process where human resources are the most relevant part of the management. The state of the mind and the behaviour of the people of the company is of utmost importance.

Management is an Integrating Process: In order to achieve organizational objectives, it is the management’s job to bring together human, physical, and financial resources. It is a crucial function to bring harmony among the various departments. As it deals with the integration of both human and financial resources, so both factors must be put together to get the desired results.

Management is a Continuous Process: The management process is ongoing as it continuously identifies and solves the management problems. It is a process that will never end as long as the organization remains. There will always be some challenges and goals that managers have to solve at some point in time. That is why it is considered a process that will never end. 

Functions of A Management Process

Management is an integral part of living where human efforts are put together to achieve desired organizational outcomes. Basically, management is a set of principles associated with the functions of planning, organizing, leading, controlling, staffing. Also, it involves the application of the principles in harnessing physical, informational, financial, and human resources efficiently and effectively to achieve organizational goals. It is an essential part of organized life and is needed to run all types of organizations. Here are the primary functions of a management process:

  • Planning
  • Organizing
  • Leading
  • Controlling

Planning- A Significant Function of The Management Process

Planning is one of the most significant management functions. It is future-oriented, and it’s a rational way of making a decision today that will affect the company’s future. Planning involves what to do, how to do it, where to do it, and why to do it. It is a continuous process that presents a company’s decisions systematically and with the best possible knowledge. Planning is organizing systematically the efforts needed to make decisions. Also, it measures the results of the decisions against the expectations through systematic and organized feedback. In planning, one has to create a road map for the future. That means you have to set predefined steps to meet your future goals. During this stage, you have to consider the internal and external factors such as people, time, cost, competitors, and policies to arrive at a sound planning strategy.


It is one of those management functions where you put your plan into action by establishing a hierarchy in the context of your organizational structure. Make sure to determine the task before you assign it to your staff members. In an earlier era, the system of working was more centralized where managers have the responsibility to take all the decisions. But today’s working environment is more flexible and dynamic, where every member of the company has a right to share responsibility and accountability. Organizing a business requires everything that is useful for its functioning:  raw material, capital, human resource, and tools. In this monument process, we have to:

  • Identify the activities
  • Classify the grouping of activities
  • Assigning the duties
  • Delegate the authority
  • Coordinate authority


It is one of the management functions that focus on influencing people for a particular purpose. It is a challenging managerial activity whose purpose is to influence the members of the organization to work together with the interest of the organization. That means this function focuses on creating a positive attitude among the members of the organization. This function consists of many other functions, such as direction, communication, motivation, and coordination. Management should be comfortable enough to lead their team members in daily tasks. They have to project a strong sense of direction and leadership while setting goals and should communicate products, services, new processes, and internal policies with their team.


In order to check whether all management functions are working towards the success of the company, managers have to monitor employee’s performance, reliability of completed projects, and quality of work constantly. Controlling is a management process whose purpose is to evaluate whether the goal of the organization is met or not. This function involves establishing the work standards and making sure that those standards are met. If the established standards are not met adequately, then corrective actions should be taken to streamlined all the activities.

Seek Management Assignment Writing Help to Achieve A+ Grades

If you are a business student, you must have undertaken the subject of management. Management is one of the important business subjects that your academic institute teaches to make students familiar with the business environment. Management is a business subject which means power to control things and power to make management decisions. It is a subject that focuses on the administrative activities and coordination of tasks to achieve the company’s goals. The subject seems difficult to students. That is why they feel pressure when they have to submit management assignments during the semester. Many reasons can create hurdles in their way of success. Sometimes students are not familiar with the knowledge of the subject matter. Also, students who are doing part-time jobs face difficulties in managing time with their studies. That is why they look for someone who can do their management assignment on their behalf.

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Management is a process that consists of a series of interrelated functions to achieve the set organizational objectives. It is a process that is essential for every organizational success. In this blog, I have discussed the management process and the functions of this process. We understand students who have undertaken this subject feel difficulty in completing management assignments. That is why they look for online academic help. If you are going through academic problems, you need to seek management assignment writing help from professional writers.

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