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Academics Hub: What Is Technical Writing? How Is It Different from Content Writing?

What Is Technical Writing? How Is It Different from Content Writing?

Do you want to know what technical writing is and how you can become proficient in it? Technical writing is a writing type where the author talks about a particular subject that requires explanation, direction, and instructions. It is one of the unique writing styles having a different purpose and characteristics than other writing styles. Technical writing communicates complex information to those who need it to accomplish their tasks. Technical writing simplifies the complex and should be concise. People sometimes confuse content writing with technical writing. These are the two paths that look quite similar in terms of work processes, but they are based on two different concepts. In this blog, I will discuss technical writing and the difference between content writing and technical writing.

Indeed, content is a king that drives organic traffic towards your website and social media pages. Businesses need to hire web content writing services to generate engaging content for their business. Web content writers with specific skill sets write impactful and SEO-friendly content. Do you know that some people think technical writing is a subdivision of content writing? It is absolutely wrong. The style of these two types of writing is completely different. Let us clear the difference between these two writings.

What Is Technical Writing?

It is a writing type that provides a reader with clear and easy access to information. Technical writers use their writing skills and communication skills to make complex information easier to digest for the reader. A technical writer recognizes, addresses, respects the importance of time efficiently and effectively in a specified format, and provides clearly accessible information. Language and formatting are the most significant part of technical writing. The use of proper language is significant in that it provides the reader with a clear understanding of the purpose of the document. The language of your technical paper should relate to your reader’s needs and the actions your reader expects.

The purpose of technical writing is to create a document that helps people understand the usage of certain technology. It can be used to target the B2C audience.  It can be used for internal documents for organizational employees to use or create products. Over the past few years, this writing type has rapidly grown. It involves the creation of technical content as part of the larger content management plan. Here are the things that technical writers need to perform to write a compelling paper:

  • Conduct audience analysis to identify their specific needs.
  • Do planning and outline the scope of the projects.
  • Conduct topic research, obtain product samples, and document design.
  • Test and review the technical communication

The Goal of Technical Writing

Every writer has a goal. Some writing is geared to narrate a story, while others are to address opinions. But technical writing is not for either of the purposes. The primary purpose of this type of writing is to provide complex information to the readers, so they understand the topic even if they don’t have prior knowledge of the subject matter. Technical writing has the following goals:

  • It explains how a particular subject works or how to complete a project.
  • Technical writing targets the reader who looks for information on a particular topic.
  • It should be concise, clear, and easy to read so that the target audience can read, understand, and act upon.

Characteristics of Technical Writing

It is a writing that is different from other writing types because of its distinguishing characteristics. A technical paper should be written in a business writing style rather than academic or creative writing.

Clear: Technical content writing requires information clearly and concisely, leaving little to no room for misunderstanding.

Straightforward: It is a writing type that is straightforward and to the point.

Precise: One should be precise while writing this type of paper and exactly describe the procedures and projects.

Detailed: It is very detailed and informative writing that leaves nobody in the imagination. The perfect example of this writing is textbook writing, where the writer describes the subject as fully as possible.

Structured: It is very structured writing, and this type needs to have a composition that makes it for the readers to follow along.

Problem-Solving Focus: These types of paper should be created with problem-solving in mind. Users can read these documents to learn how to perform certain tasks. 

An Overview of Content Writing and Technical Writing

Do you know content writing has other names: such as SEO writing and internet writing? The purpose of content writing is to file the website with content that aims to target a specific audience. While generating the content, writers have to keep the keyword in mind. It is the best way to connect with your target audience and bring them to the website. On the other hand, technical writing is quite different from content writing. It simplifies complex things and creates instructions in different forms. Both types of writing require grammar skills and research skills. But technical writing is a way to deliver more short and precise information. Technical writers have to go through the complex data, understand it, rework and structure it.

On the other hand, for content writing, a person should be a jack of all trades because this field is so vast. In content writing, one has to create content in a variety of aspects such as electronics, sports, spirituality, science, blogs, and social media content. Blog posts are the best example of content writing. The style of content writing depends on the requirements of the clients. For instance, if you are writing the content for the homepage, the tone of the content should be professional, and the content has to be informative and marketable. But while writing blog posts, you can write in any way you like. The purpose of blogs is to enhance your reader’s interest in your writing.

How Technical Writing is Different from Content Writing?

People Usually mix content writing with technical writing. That is why it is important to know the difference between both writing types. Let’s discuss each one by one. Technical writing requires deep knowledge to understand the subject on which you want to write about. The information that you provide in the technical paper should be authentic, relevant, and scientific. Use a professional tone and strict writing formula while crafting a technical paper. For instance, if a writer has to write on the topic of how to fix an air conditioner. To write on this topic, writers need to have an idea of the technicalities of the air conditioner.

As a technical writer, you need to be specialized in the technologies and use technical jargon associated with the technology. The purpose of this writing is to educate and inform your target audience. Talking about content writing, it is a process of planning, writing, and editing web content for digital marketing purposes. It can include blog posts, articles, video scriptwriting, podcasts, and content for social media. The content writer has to keep in mind that his writing should be engaging so the customers can stick to the website and convert.

 The nature of the content can be different based on where it is posted. For instance, social media content should be engaging, intriguing, and unique so people could share it and make it viral. You can even generate the content for promotional purposes for a product or service. While you are writing a review, make sure you convince the reader to purchase a certain product so you can get the commission from the affiliated link. If you are writing content for a website, you have to optimize it according to the SEO guidelines so the maximum number of people can reach it.

Acquire Web Content Writing Services from Professional Writers

Businesses looking to increase their sales target and boost conversion rates need to hire a professional web content writer. Online professional web content writers write engaging, SEO optimized, and high-quality content for your website that can boost the organic traffic towards your website. Indeed, every business wants to improve its leads, sales, and conversion. Many web content writers are available in the market. You can hire them to get the content for your website.

In this digital era, every business wants to boost its sales. For a website, content is king. A well written, SEO-optimized, and unique content grabs the reader’s attention and ranks your website at the top of search engines. If you want to increase your web traffic, hire professional web content writing services.


In this blog, I have mentioned the difference between technical writing and content writing. People think that technical writing comes under content writing. However, both writing is different. Technical writing simplifies the complex information, while in content writing, one has to create the content in a variety of aspects. Go through the above-mentioned discussion to learn the difference between both writings. If you want to boost your company’s sales, hire a content writer to generate engaging and impressive web content for your website.

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